These Are The Highest-Rated Netflix Episodes Ever

Nick Levine
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Though Netflix now has a “Top 10” feature, the streaming giant doesn’t yet release comprehensive viewing figures. Because of this, trying to work out the most watched Netflix shows still requires a bit of guesswork.

It’s clear from social media that Bridgerton and Bling Empire are capturing viewers’ imaginations at the moment, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right at the top of the Netflix charts.

In fact, new data compiled by tombola reveals that the highest-rated episode of a Netflix original during the last year is… the season finale of The Queen’s Gambit. Three months after the series premiered, the chess drama’s concluding chapter has a sky-high 9.4 rating on IMDb.

In fact, five of the ten highest rated Netflix episodes on IMDb are chapters of The Queen’s Gambit. Three episodes of Mindy Kaling’s coming-of-age drama Never Have I Ever make the top ten, including its season finale, which is the second highest rated Netflix episode with an 8.9 score.

Check out the top ten below:

1. The Queen’s Gambit (finale) – 9.4
2. Never Have I Ever (finale) – 8.9
3. The Queen’s Gambit (ep.2) – 8.8
4. Never Have I Ever (ep.6) – 8.6
5. The Queen’s Gambit (ep.4) – 8.6
6. Outer Banks (ep.8) – 8.5
7. Never Have I Ever (ep.9) – 8.5
8. Sweet Magnolias (finale) – 8.5
9. The Queen’s Gambit (ep.3) – 8.5
10. The Queen’s Gambit (ep.6) – 8.5

At the other end of the spectrum, the rather underwhelming “aftershow” episode of Tiger King is the lowest rated Netflix episode. It has a score of just 5.2 on IMDb. Right behind it are four episodes of dating series Love Is Blind.

1. Tiger King (aftershow) 5.2
2. Love Is Blind (Pilot) 6
3. Love Is Blind (ep.2) 6.1
4. Love Is Blind (ep.3) 6.2
5. Love Is Blind (ep.4) 6.2

Oh, and for what’s it worth, 36.4% of IMDb users gave Bridgerton a perfect score of 10, suggesting that if you love the warmhearted period drama series, you really love it.

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