High-Street Homeware Buys That Will Make Your Bedroom Extra Cosy

Jenny Brownlees
Nina Holst of Stylizimo Blog shares her dreamy Air BnB. 

Your home is your castle and the place you head to after a long day, so it makes sense that it be a comfortable and relaxing space. Plus, the colder the weather gets, the more excited we are to stay home—chilled out, cosy and warm with our favourite face mask on.

To create surroundings that are your very own little haven, you needn’t spend big. The high street is jam-packed with can’t-believe-it’s-not-designer interiors at the mo.

We love Maria’s bob and outfit almost as much as her dreamy interior set-up.

So many of our go-to stores: H&M, River Island, Urban Outfitters and more are now offering chic homeware without the hefty price tag.

So, if like us, you often gaze at influencers’ stylish bedside and dressing tables, wishing your own space was a little more put-together, look no further. We’ve curated the best affordable buys to create welcoming rooms with luxe-looking style and comfort. After all, a cosy room is a calm one.

H&M have created our dream bedroom.

Keep scrolling to shop our homeware picks.

For snuggling up as the temperature drops.
A gorgeous scented candle makes a room, in our opinion.
We always sleep better in a clean bed. It helps if the duvet is extra chic, too.
Thow your washing into this instead of the on the floor. A tidy room = a calm room.
Cosy in cushion form.
Your feet need to be as stylish as the decor.
When it’s cold out, warm up with healthy green tea. Plus, these will look great in your kitchen.
We love a fresh pillowcase. It’s an added bonus that they add to the interior aesthetic.
Winter mornings are made a little bit better when you put your feet down on a fluffy rug rather than a cold floor.
Why not fill these will faux flowers or trending eucalyptus, for a year-round bloom. 
After all, you have to look as chic as your bedroom, don’t you?
This addition to our bedroom dresser gives off an air of Old Hollywood style.
Put an air-purifying plant in this cute printed pot. Stylish and health-benefiting.
We can guarantee your bedroom will be more of a sanctuary if you finally hang some curtains. We love this pom-pom pair.
A lavishly scented room is a relaxing one, in our eyes.
Not cosy, per se, but perfect for displaying your fave beauty buys.
We can attest that this candle smells divine.
The perfect accompaniment to your dressing table.
The epitome of cosy.
Finally, hang some art on your bedroom walls (that’ll inspire you to practice that yoga handstand.)
The best accompaniment to a great bath? Great towels.
Velvet gives such a plush feel to interiors, no matter your budget.
We couldn’t believe the high-street price tag of this luxe-looking mirror.

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