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Overview: Passion is sexy! Venus enters Aries on Monday and stays there until 16th March, reminding us that when we are enthusiastic, it attracts others to us — just like we're drawn to others' passion. This weekend’s monthly Moon-Uranus conjunction in Taurus has us balancing our needs for consistency and change.

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Relationship reset, Aries! Venus enters your sign on Monday and you’ll be the belle of the ball, attracting new relationships, deepening the ones you’re in, and/or perhaps even completing dynamics that served their purpose. This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction inspires you to balance and manage your competing but necessary needs for stability and growth.


The past travels with you, Taurus. Venus enters your Aries-ruled closure zone on Monday and inspires you to release yourself from patterns, behaviours, and people from the past that don’t help you in the present. This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction in your sign gives you the perfect catalyst to make those necessary changes and keep doing what works, too.


Friend, lover, or both Gemini? On Monday, Venus enters your Aries-ruled friendship zone, which wants you to blend the best of romance and friendship in all your relationships. Go deeper with friends and have more levity with lovers. This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction is a tender one, so give yourself space and compassion to be with whatever feelings come up for you!


Competence AND connections, Cancer! Venus enters your Aries-ruled career zone on Monday, which helps you find the connections that support your professional competence— especially in leadership roles and/or self-employment opportunities. This weekend’s Moon-Uranus helps you connect with your friends in ways that want you to mutually support each other!


Long-distance love, Leo? Venus enters your Aries-ruled travel sector on Monday, which inspires you to travel either literally, or "travel" mentally/emotionally towards understanding other people. Whichever it is, a little curiosity will go a long way! This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction is a productive, professional one, so leverage efficiency, ambition, and urgency to wherever you want it!


Go deeper, Virgo! On Monday, Venus enters your Aries-ruled intimacy zone, motivating you to share more substantial truths, hopes, and desires about yourself and listen very carefully to other people’s inner worlds. This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction inspires a big adventure. Let your wanderlust take you to new ideas/spaces that expand your horizons.


Opposites really do attract, Libra! On Monday, Venus enters your Aries-ruled romance zone, attracting you to partners outside of your type in an effort to reinforce your strengths and help you grow outside of your comfort zone, too. This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction is a passionate and sexy one, so own your desires and speak on them as unapologetically as possible!


It’s the small things, Scorpio! Venus enters your Aries-ruled attention to detail sector on Monday, helping you notice the small things in relationships that really matter. Plus, this helps you notice who notices you notice them! This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction inspires you to negotiate and seek more understanding as passionately as you seek wanting to be understood.


Express yourself, Sag! On Monday, Venus enters your Aries-ruled courage zone, helping you tell your big stories, wants, and longings to people who genuinely need to hear it. You’ll be rewarded for your brave vulnerability. This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction motivates you to be proactive with a routine and set your week up for success.


What does “desire” mean to you, Capricorn? Venus enters your Aries-ruled “wanting” sector on Monday and helps you own your wanting by liberating you from past wounds that made you feel like you can’t ask for what you want. This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction helps you share more about this delicate but life-affirming process.


Intelligence is a big turn-on, Aquarius! On Monday, Venus enters your Aries-ruled intellect zone, inviting your best communication practices and attracting you to people who know how to use their words passionately. This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction encourages you to cultivate more emotional safety, so be deliberate about finding places and people that feel like home!


Connect with your bod, Pisces! Venus enters your Aries-ruled embodiment zone on Monday and helps you connect your body to your beliefs, values, and desires. The goal here is mind-body-spirit integration. This weekend’s Moon-Uranus conjunction wants you to try a different communication technique in an effort to foster understanding and clarity.

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