‘He's so charming and so confident and so capable’: Stars who have dated or married politicians

Singers, actresses, senators and presidents!
From the Congress to the red carpet! These celebrity ladies have had romances with some men that are very well-known in the politics world. From presidents, to senators, learn more about their love stories here!
Kate Mulgrew
Kate Mulgrew - who is best known for playing Captain Kathryn Janeway on 'Star Trek: Voyager' and Red on 'Orange Is the New Black' - was married from 1999 to 2014 to Tim Hagan. The latter served as Ohio’s Cuyahoga County commissioner in 1999, and then ran to be state governor in 2002. He ended up announcing his retirement from politics in 2010. Fun fact: Kate Mulgrew plays Susan Sher, Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, in the series ‘The First Lady’.
Jane Fonda
‘Grace and Frankie’ star Jane Fonda was married to California senator Tom Hayden from 1972 to 1989. Together they welcomed son Troy in 1973. Although their split, Fonda and Hayden remained continued doing activism together for many years. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 76. In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Jane once said: "And he had this depth of knowledge, and he gave me structure and guidance, and I learned so much from him that I am forever grateful for. I miss him so much.”
Elizabeth Taylor
From 1976 to 1982 actress Elizabeth Taylor was married to John Warner, whom she met on a blind date during a dinner in honor of Queen Elizabeth. In 1978 Warner successfully ran for Congress and things started to change. Speaking to People about their separation, he once said: "We never had any real infractions between us - it was just that I became so absorbed in the Senate. I'd go up every weekend to see her in New York. For a while we just managed married life. Then she started plays in London and that became a little more difficult, and finally we just said, 'Hey, let's always remain good friends but let's take the legal part and … go our separate ways. And that's how it happened."
Sandra Lee
TV chef Sandra Lee met former New York governor Andrew Cuomo in 2005, with whom she had a romance until 2019. In 2020, Lee told The New York Times that, although they had split, they were still communicating on a daily basis. In 2021, Cuomo resigned from office following several women accusing him of inappropriate behavior.
Marilyn Monroe
Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe made headlines after singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to former President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. Ever since, there have been rumors that Monroe had an affair with the late President and his brother Bobby Kennedy, who served as the 64th United States Attorney General from January 1961 to September 1964, and as a US Senator from New York from January 1965 until his assassination in June 1968. Marilyn’s biographer James Spada once told People: "It was pretty clear that Marilyn had had sexual relations with both Bobby and Jack." According to Spada, Monroe met JFK in 1954, but when he got tired of the actress, he “passed her off” to his brother.
Sheryl Lee Ralph
‘Abbott Elementary’ actress Sheryl Lee has been married to Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes since 2005. According to People, she was “an hour late to her own wedding". Back then some celebrities were part of their guest list, including Patti LaBelle and Loretta Devine.
Carla Bruni
Italian-French singer and supermodel Carla Bruni has been a very successful music star since 2003 when she released her first album ‘Quelqu'un m'a dit’. In 2007, Carla met former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, whom she married in 2008. Together they share daughter Giulia, born in 2011.
Melania Trump
Melania’s modeling career began when she was just 16 years old, posing for prestigious magazines including GQ and Max. In 2005 she wed former President of the United States, Donald Trump, whom she met in 1998. Together they share son Barron.
Cheryl Hines
Since 2014, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ star Cheryl Hines has been married to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who served as a State Coordinator for Edward M. Kennedy for President from 1979 to 1980. Robert is part of the former President of the United States John F. Kennedy’s family. Cheryl and Robert were introduced to each other by a friend in common: the series creator Larry David!
Rosario Dawson
United States senator Cory Booker dated ‘Mandalorian’ star Rosario Dawson for two years. This was confirmed by the actress herself back in 2019, after they were seen together at Washington airport. At the time, Rosario told The Washington Post: "He's so charming and so confident and so capable, but it's not like that translates to being some super-smooth kind of guy. That's not his style. What wins me over with him is definitely the dad jokes."

From the Congress to the red carpet! These celebrity ladies have had romances with some men that are very well-known in the politics world. From presidents, to senators, learn more about their love stories here!