Here's why Princess Margaret's name isn't on the gravestone she shares with her family

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Photo credit: Tim Graham - Getty Images
Photo credit: Tim Graham - Getty Images

Earlier this week Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest alongside her husband, Prince Philip, her parents and her sister. Since then, we've learnt about the special meaning behind the symbol on her grave as well as whether members of the public can visit St George's Chapel where Her Majesty – and her family – are buried.

It was also revealed that a new ledger stone was made for the burial, replacing a black slab naming George VI and Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Inscribed on the stone is: "George VI 1895-1952" and "Elizabeth 1900-2002", followed by "Elizabeth II 1926-2022" and "Philip 1921-2021".

Noticeably missing from the names inscribed on the new gravestone is Princess Margaret's, leading many royal fans to question why, given that she too was laid to rest with the family at St George's Chapel.

Unlike the rest of her family, Princess Margaret was cremated rather than buried (as is tradition) because there was "no room" left in the Chapel – the only remaining space had been reserved for Her Majesty. The other option was for Margaret to be buried in Frogmore in Windsor Great Park, where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are buried, but a friend said she found this "very gloomy".

Photo credit: Lisa Sheridan - Getty Images
Photo credit: Lisa Sheridan - Getty Images

As such, Margaret – who wanted to rest eternally with her family – opted to be cremated with her ashes interred in the Chapel. So, why isn't her name on the inscription of the newly-laid gravestone?

Although there is no official word on why Margaret's name is not on the gravestone – nor is it clear if her ashes are with the family's coffins or interred in the nearby wall – it could be because she was not a member of the Order of the Garter, unlike the four family members whose names are inscribed on the slab, which also features the metal star of the Garter. Another reason could be that the gravestone is reserved only for monarchs and their respective partners.

Nevertheless, Princess Margaret has her own memorial stone within the chapel, which – along with her name and dates of her birth and death – reads: "We thank thee Lord, who by thy spirit doth our faith restore. When we with worldly things commune and prayerless close our door, we lose our precious gift divine to worship and adore. Then thou our Saviour, fill our hearts to love thee evermore."

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