Here's where you can find the cheapest petrol in Swindon this week

The cheapest petrol prices in Swindon this week have been revealed. <i>(Image: Getty)</i>
The cheapest petrol prices in Swindon this week have been revealed. (Image: Getty)

The cheapest petrol stations in Swindon right now have been revealed.

With fuel prices rising across the country with each passing year, it can become hard for motorists to find a good deal.

For those that are looking for the best prices in Swindon, Asda reigns supreme this week with two of its Swindon superstores being ranked joint first for being cheapest in the town.

Both the Asda at the West Swindon Shopping Centre and the Asda in Haydon Wick are the standout choices from the list, with both offering 152.7p per litre for unleaded petrol.

The next best for cost is BP on Queens Drive which sees a narrow price increase to 152.9p per litre.

When it comes to diesel, Asda tops the chart once again offering the fuel at the best price in Swindon this week at a cost of 155.7p a litre.

Coming in a close second is Sainsbury’s in Bridgemead, priced at 155.9p a litre.

Although the Asda stations easily win for the cheapest unleaded fuel in the town, they are not the most cost-effective stop to get your super unleaded.

The cheapest spot to get super unleaded in Swindon is at Tesco on Ocotal Way which currently stands at 162.9p per litre.

All prices are correct as of the afternoon of Friday, September 22, 2023.