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Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles doesn't currently have any projects firmly lined up. The actor, who played Dean Winchester on Supernatural, said at the Television Critics Panel late last year that he'd considered taking a vacation after Supernatural finishes but his wife, Danneel Ackles, told him he needs to get right back to work. So we'll have to wait to see where he ends up.

Here's Where You Can Catch Your Fave Supernatural Cast Members Next

We still haven't accepted that Supernatural is actually coming to a close after 15 seasons, but we'll mop up our tears long enough to find out what the cast members are working on next. Thankfully, most of our faves have other roles lined up already, which is a huge relief because we're not sure how long we could handle not watching them on our screens. There are just a few weeks left before the show ends for good - and before we say our final farewell to Sam and Dean Winchester. Luckily, we know Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will still enjoy their bromance even after the show goes off the air. As for the rest of the cast, though, keep reading to see what's next.


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