Here's how we'd recast the 2018 NBA playoff stars as Avengers

The NBA playoffs are almost upon us. So is the highly anticipated Marvel movie, “Avengers: Infinity Wars.”

So we thought it’d be a good idea to combine the two and see which playoff-bound NBA stars we could match up with the enormous Avengers’ team roster:

Iron Man: Kevin Durant

They’re both incredibly smart, talented individuals. But sometimes, maybe a lot of the time, they’re their own worst enemy. And they can can both be jerks. But, hey, that’s what it means to be great.

Thor: James Harden

Harden’s passing is his lightning. His step-back 3-point-shot is his hammer. Both are unstoppable offensive forces.

Hulk: Joel Embiid

They’re both big, strong, almost unmovable. When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns green. When Embiid gets mad, he tweets and trolls with no mercy.

Captain America: LeBron James

Both stand for something greater than themselves. The most recognizable athlete in America is suited for the most American of superheroes.

Black Widow: Ben Simmons

Black Widow is the only person who can get through to the Hulk and get the best out of him. Like Black Widow, Simmons gets the best out of his big man, Embiid.

“Avengers: Infinity War” is set to be released in theaters on April 27.

Hawkeye: Klay Thompson

They’re both really, really good from long range. Pretty obvious, right?

Dr. Strange: Kyrie Irving

They both believe in some arcane things. Kyrie’s new kicks look like something straight out of Strange’s library.

War Machine: Kawhi Leonard

Last time we saw War Machine, he was pretty beat up. We have no idea what he’ll be able to do physically in Infinity Wars. And Kawhi is in the exact same boat in regards to his quad and his status for the playoffs.

Spider-Man: Russell Westbrook

Both are slender dudes with crazy, bouncy athleticism.

Black Panther: Giannis Antetokounmpo

T’Challa was given the mantle to lead and protect his people at a young age. Giannis, still just 23 years old, is the unquestioned leader of Milwaukee and one of the favorites to take the mantle of best player from LeBron. Both are relative newcomers, but are fast-tracked for stardom.

Vision: Anthony Davis

Davis has a unibrow. Vision has a soul stone right in the middle of his forehead. They’re the same guy. 

Scarlet Witch: Chris Paul

This one was tough because what exactly is SW’s power(s)? Hexes? We know she can make people see what she wants them to see. Chris Paul can see passing lanes and scoring opportunities few others can. SW did jump from team Ultron to team Avengers and CP3 jumped from the Clippers to the Rockets.

Falcon: Victor Oladipo

You don’t know what these guys can do until they’re given a chance. Falcon was just a regular soldier until he got his wings. Oladipo was just a regular starter until he got traded to the Pacers.

Bucky / White Wolf: Paul George

You don’t know what team they’re going to choose. Sure Bucky seems like a good guy. Until you mumble the right words. PG seems content on the Thunder. Until we see how they do in the playoffs.

Mantis: DeMar DeRozan

Mantis can feel what others feel and can talk to them about it. DeRozan courageously opened up about his private struggles with depression.

Nebula: Damian Lillard

They’re both kind of mad about something usually. Nebula hates her dad, her sister, everyone really. Lillard dislikes not making the All-Star team, a former teammate, champions.

Gamora: LaMarcus Aldridge

Speaking of that former teammate, LaMarcus is that guy. He might get frustrated with Lillard, but like the sisters in Guardians 2, the relationship seems to be better. Like Gamora for her band of misfits, Aldridge is getting it done for the Spurs.

Drax: Draymond Green

This might be the easiest pick of the whole thing. Both aren’t afraid to fight dirty, they provide the muscle for their respective teams and they’re pretty rough around the edges. Though at their core, they’re probably sweet, kind dudes. Naaaaaah.

Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James looks on after an NBA basketball game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Friday, April 6, 2018, in Philadelphia. The 76ers won 132-130. (AP)

Groot: Rudy Gobert

Long. Rangy. I mean, Gobert is built like a tree. And he’s loyal to the Jazz. Just like his Marvel counterpart.

Rocket: Kyle Lowry

They’re both small. They’re both underrated. But they can both pack a punch. Ignore these guys at your own peril.

Star-Lord: Stephen Curry

They’re both the leaders of their teams. They’re both smug and cocky. Plus they both have to keep Drax/Draymond in check before they fly off the handle.

Ant-Man: John Wall

You can kinda forget these guys are there. They can be overshadowed by the big guns: Thor, LeBron, Iron Man, DeRozan, etc. But they still have skills/powers that are going to give someone a headache.

Wasp: Bradley Beal

The sidekick to Ant-Man and John Wall. Inseparable. They complete each other and can only go as far as the the other takes them.

Captain Marvel: Donovan Mitchell

They’re both unknown. But we all know they have uber potential and power just waiting to be tapped.

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