Gigi Hadid's Abs Were the Main Attraction at the Extravagant Tommy x Gigi Show

On Wednesday, Tommy Hilfiger hosted its second Tommy x Gigi show, “TommyLand,” set up like a modern-day music festival in Venice Beach, Calif.

Eschewing a traditional runway show for the second season, Hilfiger opted for a “See now, buy now” collection. Model and branding powerhouse Gigi Hadid helped collaborate on the project, stamping her name on everything from bomber jackets to sneakers.

Clothes were available for purchase immediately after the event online and in stores across the country on Thursday. Eager fans uninhibited by time zones flocked to the Tommy Hilfiger site before the show even began, creating a run on products that were soon sold out. Instant gratification really is instant.

As for the show itself, Gigi opened in latex pants (Hilfiger himself describes the material as having a “wet look”), an ultra-cropped red, white, and black crop top, and a yellow raincoat slouching down around her arms.

Close behind Gigi was her sister, Bella, wearing a sunshine yellow cropped polo tee and choker necklace.

According to the brand, the collection is supposed to “celebrate 1960s love and liberation with a modern-day twist. Washed denim patchworks, sun-washed palettes and utilitarian details are inspired by the carefree beaches of Southern California.”

Some items — like metallic-blue fringed miniskirts — feel fresher than other pieces, for example the denim slapped with cartoon-like patches that you could just as easily find at Forever 21.

Hilfiger’s line is as true to its Americana roots (“America First”?) as ever before. Many of the pieces are unabashedly red, white, and blue, covered with stars and stripes, and bold primary colors.

The collection is, by any measure, commercial and safe. The same cuts that have been available in most fast fashion retailers for more than a year — slim-fit, metallic leather biker jackets, slouchy sweatshirts, girlfriend jeans — were seen at the show. The coolest look is an all-denim trench.

For Hilfiger, this isn’t a way to push fashion’s boundaries; instead, it’s a way to push the bottom line and test whether the see-buy-wear model can really be lucrative for brands. Within minutes, several of the items on the Tommy Hilfiger site were either sold out completely or available only in a few sizes. Shoppers want to go to TommyLand, it seems.

Alexandra Mondalek is a writer for Yahoo Style and Beauty. Follow her on Twitter @amondalek.

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