Here's how to reuse your old plastic bags to crochet fabulous projects

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How to reuse old plastic bags to make crochet yarnGetty Images

Yarn crafts such as knitting and crochet have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. But did you know that you don't have to only use acrylic or wool yarn for your favourite crafts?

Crafters across the world have discovered that you can use old plastic bags to create beautiful crochet projects. The material created is also known as plarn.

Crochet lovers have taken to social media to show what they've made with plastic bags, and how to turn this material into yarn to stitch with.

The plastic yarn creates sturdy and structured stitches, making it perfect for projects like tote bags, coasters and place mats. What's more, it's a great and sustainable way to use up the old plastic bags taking up space in your kitchen cupboard.

This is a great way to use up old plastic bags you have lying around– carry on making the most of reusable bags for your trips to the supermarket and don't buy new plastic bags for this craft. Any strong plastic bag will do, for example it's a great way to reuse the bags containing online clothes deliveries.

How to crochet with plastic bags

It's really simple to turn your plastic bags into crochet yarn. To start, lay your plastic bag flat, then roll it into a tube about 5cm wide. Cut off the handles, then cut the rest of the bag width-ways along the tube.

Open up each of the loops you've created and loop them together to create one piece of yarn. Depending on how many bags you're using, wind your plastic bag yarn into a ball to avoid it knotting.

Grace Young took to TikTok to demonstrate how to turn old supermarket bags into crochet yarn, which she then worked into a stylish tote bag, complete with plastic bag strap.

Make gorgeous granny squares from plastic bags

There are so many crochet projects you can make by using the double crochet stitch and plarn. But why not take it one step further and transform your plarn into a granny square?

Elle posted a video on TikTok of her plastic bag creation. She stitched eight granny squares out of old plastic bags, and then edged each in black wool yarn, before stitching them together and adding a plastic bag strap to create an over-the-shoulder bag.

Create a durable sleeping mat

Many crocheters use their plarn to create sleeping mats which can be donated to the Salvation Army or homeless shelters to give to the homeless and people sleeping rough.

Mats made out of plastic bags are more durable and warmer than sleeping on newspaper and don't attract lice.

Mirelle shared her finished mat on TikTok, which used up approximately 300 plastic bags.

Weave a wonderful shopping bag

If you're not into crochet but still want to try out the plarn trend, why not weave a tote bag instead?

The account DIY sustainability on TikTok shared a video of their tote bag creation, using a weaving loom to five panels and a long strap, before stitching them together to create the finished item.

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