Here's How Much Time You're Losing Every Year By Working Through Lunch

Regardless of where you work, we’ve all experienced busy work days from time to time – those days when you blink and it’s suddenly 1:00 pm. You really should take some time out to have a breather and eat some food, but you don’t.

This then repeats on Tuesday and then Wednesday and again, you find yourself working through lunch. This might not feel like such a loss but those missed lunch hours will eventually rack up.

No, seriously. Working adults are sacrificing a whopping 56 hours of their time by working through lunch, according to new research commissioned by Philadelphia.

Shockingly, the report found that workers are only taking a full lunch break just 11 out of 20 working days a month.

For those who actually do manage to take a breather, the research shows the average lunch break taken is just 36 minutes.

But, 58% of respondents admitted to taking breaks that are only 7 - 20 minutes long. So why are workers not taking their full-hour lunch break? Philadelphia partnered with Babbel to reveal all.

Food seems to be a big reason, as 18% of those surveyed forget to bring in their lunch when they’re in the office.

Maybe the day is so busy you don’t know what to do with your free time, which is the case for 46% of respondents. They describe the free period as “boring,” while over 6-in-10 of workers agreed that they want to ‘liven up’ their lunch breaks.

Surprisingly, many of those surveyed want to make better use of their lunch. With 50% wanting to use this time to better themselves and possibly learn a new skill. Though this is admirable, it sounds like a quick way to get burnt out.

There’s a reason why we’re given one hour to do absolutely nothing because we deserve it and we need it. Even if you’re having a slow day, your mind needs time to relax and think about something that isn’t work-related.

Crank the TV up and watch an hour of your favourite TV show on your next lunch break. I promise you won’t regret it.