Here's What March's Worm Moon Will Mean For Every Zodiac Sign

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Every month's full moon is unique in what it brings into your life. There's a new one every month (and on rare occasions, sometimes two), each with a story to tell, a meaning behind its name, and its own special way to affect you. With the way the universe works, though, each moon has a different effect for each zodiac sign, and it's all about understanding the stars, the spirits, and how they all work together. March's moon is called the worm moon, and here's everything you need to know about it for 2022.

Why Is It Called the Worm Moon?

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, there are a couple theories behind why March's moon is referred to as the worm moon. One theory says that March is the time of year when the worms come out because of all the rain and the thawing of the soil. But according to the almanac, the other theory is as follows: "An alternative explanation for this name comes from Captain Jonathan Carver, an 18th-century explorer, who wrote that this Moon name refers to a different sort of 'worm' - beetle larvae - which begin to emerge from the thawing bark of trees and other winter hideouts at this time."

When Is the Full Worm Moon in 2022?

The worm moon will be at its peak on Friday, March 18, 2022, at precisely 3:17 a.m. ET.

What Sign Is the Worm Moon in March?

March's full worm moon will be in Libra.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of the Worm Moon?

March's full moon is a signal that this is your world and you're needed in it, according to astrologer Jordane from Girl and Her Moon. "Your light is needed. Your unique energy is needed. Your passions are needed. Your perspectives are needed. As you stand up, you take us with you. As you stand in your light, you light up the world." Jordane added that this moon is incredibly spiritual.

What Does the Worm Moon Mean For Zodiac Signs?

  • Aquarius: Jordane said March will be a "deeply emotional, healing, and transformative full moon." Take this month to let everything go and come into your own.

  • Pisces: This is a month for taking a closer look at your relationships. Jordane said, "This full moon opens up your awareness of connection, interaction, and what it means to come together with another." Whether it's your friends or family, those relationships are at the forefront.

  • Aries: March is a time of illumination for Aries. Jordane said, "This is a beautiful time to connect inward with your body for what feels right for you, for what you are ready to release and change, for what you are ready to step into."

  • Taurus: It's going to be a creative month for Taurus when the worm moon comes out. Let your creativity shine all month, Jordane said, adding, "Let joy heal you."

  • Gemini: It's a time to really lean on the people who mean the most to you if you're a Gemini. Jordane said in addition to spending time with people you love, though, this month could be eye-opening. "On the flip side, with the abundance of Pisces energy in your career sector, this downtime in your comfort zone may bring some kind of realization or breakthrough in your work life."

  • Cancer: Wisdom is key for Cancers in March. "With the full moon in your mental and communication realms and the sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Pisces expanding your wisdom and higher learning faculties, there is much to learn under this lunation," Jordane said.

  • Leo: Jordane said March is a time for Leos to really self-reflect. "This is a beautiful time to delve into your subconscious beliefs about how you see yourself and what you believe you deserve to receive and create for your life."

  • Virgo: Consider March a time for fresh starts, Virgo. Jordane encouraged this as a time for renewal and moving on.

  • Libra: March is a step into the unseen, Jordane said. "You are going deep into the energetic and mystical side of life where there is opportunity to learn a lot about depths of who you are that you have not yet discovered. Your intuition will be heightened, and many messages and guidance will be communicated through your body."

  • Scorpio: March could be an interesting month for Scorpios. It'll be a creative month but also one of healing and service. Jordane advised leaning into your creativity and allowing it to be a way to serve others.

  • Sagittarius: It's a career-focused month for Sagittarius. Jordane said, "This full moon is shining brightly on your leadership, your air of authority, and your potential for impact, especially through your career. If you have been unclear about your next steps in your career, clarity is coming, change is coming - if you allow it."

  • Capricorn: Be bold in March, Capricorn, and step outside your comfort zone. It'll be worth it. Jordane said, "With the abundance of Pisces energy, things may feel a little more emotional than you are perhaps used to, but with intention and awareness, you can let this emotion be healing, nurturing."

When Is the Next Worm Moon?

The full moon following the 2022 worm moon will be April's pink moon on April 16, 2022. The worm moon in 2023 will be on March 7.

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