Here's Kylie Jenner With A Short Brown Pixie Cut, Looking A Lot Like Kris Jenner

Alyssa Bailey
·1-min read


Kylie Jenner went super short with the help of a wig to promote her new Kylie Cosmetics makeup collection, and the final glam made her look just like her mother Kris Jenner. Kylie posted photos on her Instagram Story of herself wearing the slick pixie cut wig with a dramatic cat-eye.

Here's Kris with her signature pixie cut, for comparison:

Kylie's pixie cut was far from a permanent change though. Right now, Kylie actually has long blonde hair, which she progressively lightened over the past couple months.

Kylie pretty regularly changes her look with the help of wigs though, so don't expect the blonde hair to be the only hairstyle she shows off in her Instagram photos or when going out.

Kylie spoke to Harper's Bazaar Arabia last July about how she didn't start her Kylie Cosmetics line just so she could become rich(er).

'I don’t really do it to make money or think that far into the future if this is going to be super-successful,' Kylie said. 'I just knew my talents and was passionate about make-up and lips and lipsticks. It’s been a real love of mine for as long as I can remember. I never even knew that you can really turn your passion into a business, you know. I just followed my heart and went with how I felt. Now I just feel so blessed every day to wake up, have fun doing what I love and make a career out of it. It’s amazing!'

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