Burger King Is Giving Away Free Whoppers This Weeks

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Burger King Whoppers are the bomb digitty – no one’s denying that now, are they? So, what if I said you could get your sticky little fingers on one for free? You’d be interested, wouldn’t you?

Well, you’re in luck, friends, as that exactly what we’re telling you.

Burger King has just announced that from today (17 May) until Thursday (20 May), When you spend £15 on a Burger King Deliveroo delivery, you’ll get a free Whopper added to your order – no questions asked. That’s a saving of £4.49, don’t you know?!

This wonderful deal is on to celebrate Burger King’s new campaign, which reminds customers of the Whopper’s secret ingredient: just fire. Yup, to make it clear that The Whopper is packed with only 100% British and Irish beef and the freshest ingredients; with no secrets, from May 21 May, Burger King UK is sending out smoke signals across eight major cities across the UK, guiding fans to their nearest restaurant via a unique AR mobile experience.

Photo credit: Burger King
Photo credit: Burger King

Soco Nunez, Marketing Director, Burger King UK said: “The Whopper’s secret is that there are No Secrets; Just Fire. It’s that simple. Flame-grilling is what gives the Whopper its unique flavour. In a world of fake news people find it hard to believe the incredible taste of The Whopper can be that simple, but it really is. At Burger King we pride ourselves on being transparent with customers, and offering them great tasting food, so, we won’t be keeping any secrets about our delicious burgers. They’re all real, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

“We’re very excited to launch our AR smoke signals in select locations this week. We’re hopeful the experience will help see customers return through our doors for indoor dining following the easing of Covid restrictions, as well as providing a cheeky reminder of why the Whopper is one of a kind.”

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