Here's everything you missed at Toronto's unbelievable Pride festival

Ricky Cornish Toronto Gay Pride LGBTQ+ Equality Festival
Ricky Cornish Toronto Gay Pride LGBTQ+ Equality Festival

We're here, queer and not going anywhere!

Pride Month may sadly be officially over, but anyone out and proud in the LGBTQ+ community will tell you that Pride never stops.

With so much at stake for the queer people in the upcoming 2024 election, everyone truly waved their rainbow flags like never before to show visibility, representation, and queer joy.

Toronto Pride pulled out all the stops for this year's epic celebration with festivals shutting down blocks of streets, the official parade covering downtown with gorgeous LGBTQ+ scenery, and unbelievable circuit parties taking over iconic venues across the city.

Naturally, the biggest draw to any Pride event is the people who attend. For me, this was my first time ever visiting Toronto and Canada as a whole! Talk about an unreal introduction.

While I was drawn to all of the big buildings, fun gay bars, and exciting activities throughout the long weekend... nothing compared to all of the sweet people I met along the way.

I had a new group of friends take me in and they even dressed me head to toe in a fun purple outfit to complete their rainbow look to close out Pride!

The streets of Toronto may have seen us strutting our stuff in out cute shorts and fun outfits, but the real shenanigans took place nightly at the grand circuit parties that happened throughout the thrilling weekend.

I have to give a massive shoutout to Prism Events Group who threw some of the best circuit events I've ever attended in my life.

I've had the pleasure of partying with my gays at Market Days in Chicago, Puerto Vallarta, West Hollywood, Fire Island, and even Pensacola, Florida... but these events were truly on another level.

From Thursday to Sunday, Prism had daily and nightly events for ravers to dance the night away with epic themed parties taking place at iconic venues and theaters scattered throughout Toronto's electric nightlife scene.

Even rap legend Drake got in on the fun with his club, History, hosting own one of the circuit parties throughout the weekend.

Each party was packed with people dressed to the nines. Plus, every event had its own flare with different themes inspiring special outfits, mind-blowing performances, and music that I still can't get out of my head to this day.

There's truly nothing more freeing than celebrating Pride with so many beautiful souls around you.

People across the world in the LGBTQ+ community are very fearful of the hateful rhetoric that continues to spread, especially in the United States, so it's very liberating to be able to slap on a colorful outfit and celebrate our queerness at a time it's needed the most.

Toronto Pride was just one of the iconic celebrations that closed out Pride Month this year, but take it from me, you definitely want to put this city on your travel bucket list for next year.

Plus, keep your eye out on Prism Event Group's website for the thrilling lineup that'll take over Toronto next year. Don't miss out!