Here's the ending of Marriage explained

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Marriage on BBC is one of the most talked-about show on TV right now. Thanks to its stellar cast including Nicola Walker and Sean Bean, the topic of long-term relationships has sparked plenty of conversation.

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The drama focuses on Ian and Emma who have been through many ups and downs throughout their 30-year marriage. The four episodes all dropped on the BBC iPlayer last week after the first episode aired, meaning many have binged through the entire boxset. So what happened at the end? Here's our explainer…

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What happens with Ian and Emma in Marriage?

Throughout the episodes, viewers are shown the inner workings of Ian and Emma's relationship and their struggles including loss, family tensions and arguments are played out on screen.

In the first episode, it's revealed that Emma has a dysfunctional relationship with her dad, Gerry (James Bolan) and that Ian and Emma are still grieving the loss of their son Nicholas. Not only that, their relationship with their adopted daughter, Jessica (played by Chantelle Alle) is tested when she brings home a boyfriend they don't approve of.

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Sean Bean and Nicola Walker in Marriage

In addition, Ian's struggling after the loss of his mother and his job role being made redundant. Meanwhile, Emma's job also has its challenges in the form of her inappropriate boss Jamie (played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes).

What happens at the end of Marriage?

By the end, we learn that Emma and Ian haven’t yet come to terms with their grief and other struggles. Their daughter, Jessica, persists to find out how her mum really feels, causing Emma to break down in tears. Ian also admits he's struggling and says he's determined to get himself back into a good place.

Regarding Emma's work, things get complicated when her boss tries to make a move on her in a hotel room after a work event and also offered her drugs. Emma, who didn't tell her husband about the ordeal, refused and the pair end up having a row in Jamie's office, with Emma criticising him for his drug use and behaviour. Not only that, he then finds himself in hot water with a father of a young girl who claims they had sex only for Jamie to then ghost her.


All four episodes are on the iPlayer now

Jessica, who is trying to make a name for herself in the music industry, eventually breaks up with her boyfriend Adam and moves back home with her parents temporarily. before moving into a house share. She's also able to mend her relationship with her dad, Ian, who shares with her a letter that he wrote her the day they adopted her.

Will there be a Marriage series two?

At this point in time, the BBC are yet to confirm if Ian and Emma will be back on our screens for the second instalment of Marriage. However, the show has been well received so it's certainly possible.

Not only that, due to the story focussing on real, human issues, such as the ups and downs of a long-term relationship, the story could continue on from where series one left, examining the next chapter in the husband and wife's life.

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