Henry Golding embraces Dad life

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Henry Golding credit:Bang Showbiz
Henry Golding credit:Bang Showbiz

Henry Golding thinks "Dad life" is "amazing".

The 'Snake Eyes' actor and his wife Liv Lo welcomed daughter Lyla into the world in March and he admitted there has been a "real shift" in his habits and priorities since then.

Speaking to 'Extra', he said: “Dad life has been absolutely amazing, it’s been a real sort of shift, paradigm shift in all aspects of life. You tend to plan your day maliciously around the baby’s schedule not your own.”

Henry has already missed a few weeks of his daughter's life because he was away working but he's now "catching up" on family time and knows his absence will be beneficial in the long term.

He added: “I’ve been away filming in London. They came out right in the beginning, but sadly we were separated for about a month and a half, I’m catching up… It’s beautiful seeing them together.

“It is tough, but it’s the name of the game… Daddy’s got to earn some college money.”

The 34-year-old actor paid tribute to his wife, hailing her as a "machine" for the way she handled delivering their daughter.

He said: “She was a machine, she went through right to the 11th hour without any help… I was like just give her whatever is going to help me out to help her out.”

In May, Henry admitted to feeling a "sense of overprotectiveness" towards his daughter and the 'Crazy Rich Asians' star expects that will only grow stronger as Lyla gets older.

He said: "Every morning it's like she comes up with something new, something exciting. She makes this look at you or she smiles. Every day is a joy. It's crazy.

"You do feel the sense of overprotectiveness already. I'm sure it gets worse!"

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