How to hem a pair of trousers

Rachel Liddle

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Learning how to hem a pair of trousers is an essential skill we can all benefit from. When it comes to taking up trousers, knowing how to sew a hem is invaluable. Here, sewing expert Lisa Comfort from Sew Over It shares her top tips and tricks for a perfect hem using your sewing machine.

Whether you're taking up your favourite jeans or customising a smart pair of work trousers, sewing a straight hem will ensure the perfect fit.

Hemming is also an important step when finishing making a homemade piece of clothing. Avoid wonky hems with this tutorial on machine hemming.

How to hem trousers

1 Try your jeans or trousers on and put a pin where you want the finished hem to be.

2 Measure what the existing hem is and what they've used for the hem allowance. So if the hem is 1.5cm, for example, your hem allowance will be double, at 3cm. So allow that for the hem.

3 Measure from the pin to the original hem, take off the hem allowance, measure and mark where to cut off the excess fabric. This is your cutting line.

4 Using a pair of scissors follow the cutting line to remove the excess fabric.

5 Take the bottom of your cut jeans and iron it over half the seam allowance and half again. Pin the hem in place.

6 Check the stitch length of the original hem so you can replicate it on your machine. Machine stitch your hem in place and give it a press with an iron.

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