Say ‘hello’ to summer with these snack board recipes

When you’re trying to beat the heat with something light and fresh to eat, summer snack boards are here to keep you cool. With summer in full swing, snack board buffs all over TikTok are pulling out the big plates and putting together some sweet spreads. From a colorful veggie platter to a mélange of prosciutto and melon, here are five summer snack board recipes that put the “fresh” in refreshing!

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1. Rainbow veggie summer snack board

Taste the rainbow with this veggie-packed snack board. You’ll get a wide spectrum of colors, complete with an arch of cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper sticks and red chili peppers, followed by an array of carrot sticks, orange peppers and hummus underneath. The board also features an arch of yellow zucchini slices, yellow bell pepper sticks and yellow chili peppers, followed by a layer of sliced cucumber, broccoli and more hummus. Finally, a cluster of radishes and cauliflower rounds out the end of the rainbow.

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2. Sweet and tart summer snack board

This snack board features a variety of sweet and tart flavors. Halved grapefruit slices sit elegantly along the border of the platter while sliced Brie and Monterey Jack cheese preside on opposite corners. A ribbon of folded salami curves around two small bowls of jam and honey, while a cluster of grapes trims the ends. Finally, mixed berries, apricots, pistachios and Rainier cherries fill in the remaining gaps on the board before it’s topped off with several flowers and a mini honey dipper.

3. Vegan cranberry rosemary cheese spread summer snack board

The starring role in this snack board goes to this incredible vegan cheese spread. A bowl of the vegan cheese spread made of vegan cream cheese, vegan feta, dried cranberries, dried apricots, rosemary and orange zest is situated in the center of the board. Plain lentil chips and lentil chips covered in vegan cheese spread surround the bowl, while folded slices of vegan salami sit on the corner of the tray. Finally, clusters of vegan cheese cubes, crackers, cornichon pickles, olives, figs and pistachios fill in the gaps.

4. Backyard barbecue snack board

This incredible barbecue board series is loaded with a medley of mouthwatering munchies. Some highlights include homemade skewered sweet and spicy meatballs with sriracha, barbecue tempeh and Cajun-smoked salmon. An adjacent board features chips and pineapple watermelon salsa followed by a fresh veggie platter with vegan ranch dip. Finally, chicken salad sliders and a vegan green goddess pasta salad top off this backyard barbecue feast.

5. Italian summer snack board

If you can’t make it to Italy, this snack board is the next best thing! An array of grilled sliced peaches are arranged on a round platter, followed by cantaloupe balls, Castelvetrano olives and red onions. Folded prosciutto slices are tucked around the fruit and vegetable medley before being topped with dollops of burrata cheese. Finally, fresh basil leaves garnish the board in addition to cracked pepper, honey and olive oil.

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