Helen Mirren wore make-up every day during lockdown

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Helen Mirren wore make-up every day during lockdown because it made her feel like she was "living (her) life properly".

While many people used self-quarantine to wear comfortable clothes and ditch the make-up and the heated styling tools, the veteran British actress decided to maintain her daily beauty routine to give her a sense of normality.

"Every day I put on make-up," she told People magazine, before insisting she did it for herself, not because of her husband Taylor Hackford. "I didn't do it for Taylor because Taylor never notices. He asks if I've got make-up on or not and doesn't really care, but he certainly doesn't notice.

"He'll sometimes say in a rather puzzled way, 'Oh, you look really nice.' You just associate the fact that I look nice with the fact I've just spent an hour doing my make-up! But I would put my make-up on every day and get dressed every day because I enjoy it... I felt like I was living my life properly. So, it was actually a good experience for me."

The Oscar-winning actress, who is a brand ambassador for L'Oreal Paris, recently hit the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival and she enjoyed dressing up and getting glam for the glitzy event.

"I love the opportunity to wear incredibly beautiful clothes. I appreciate the craft of couture. I'm a girl, I love, love dressing up. And then I'm perfectly happy to give it all away at the end of the night and go back to my scruffy, Bohemian outfits," she said. "Having spent a year and a half sort of behind closed doors, I've forgotten what this was like. So a little bit intimidating. But at the same time, it was such fun."