Helen Flanagan shares update on son after 'terrifying' Alton Towers accident

Former Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan has revealed that her son Charlie had to be rushed to hospital after suffering a 'horrendous' fall while visiting Alton Towers waterpark.

Video transcript

HELEN FLANAGAN: Yeah. So then we went to the waterpark and it's called-- long story short, Charlie slipped and he slipped really, really badly. And it was awful. Like it was absolutely horrendous. And I had to get an ambulance. And he had snapped his collarbone into two. It was horrendous. So I spent like, what, six hours in the hospital at Stowe.

I'd like to say, thank you so much to the, honestly, the paramedics, the nurses, and doctors who were amazing. So thank you so much. So I literally was at Alton Tower-- well, at the Stoke Hospital.

So that was awful. And like it's horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible. Seeing your child in pain is just horrendous. So. But yeah, he's OK. There's not really actually, like, much you can do for it. Apparently it mends by itself. But it's just horrible when you're a mom and you just wish you could just take every pain away from them.