Heidi Klum literally just went *all* out with her Halloween 2021 short film

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Photo credit: Heidi Klum - Instagram
Photo credit: Heidi Klum - Instagram

Halloween is finally upon us, which means Heidi Klum has been hard at work (much like Santa Claus ahead of Christmas) on her costume and, boy, she did NOT disappoint. For those playing at home, when it comes to celebrity Halloween costumes, Heidi is the undisputed queen.

To refresh your memory, last year Heidi cancelled her annual A-lister Halloween party and instead filmed a professional 'Spooktacular' short film with her family wearing multiple costumes. If you didn't catch it, it was verrry impressive. But that's how Heidi does Halloween!

Some of our other favourite costumes over the years include her wild alien look, and when she transformed into Princess Fiona from Shrek. Don't even get me started on her 2016 costume, which consisted of Heidi along with a slew of Heidi 'clones'.

With her Halloween party cancelled for a second year in a row (v sad times), Heidi decided to treat us all to another epic short film. "HERE IT IS 🎃" she told her 8.7 million Instagram followers, "Normally I’d be hosting my annual Halloween party on Sunday night… but this year things are still looking a little different. So instead, my family and I want to be the first to wish you a safe and spooky Halloween weekend #HeidiHalloween2021."

In the clip, Heidi slowly transforms into a zombie, with her skin peeling off to reveal the muscles underneath, and her eye popping out of its socket too. But wait, it gets worse – Zombie Klum then feeds her family her rotten skin, and yes, it is all kinds of disgusting.

Here's the clip in full (if you've got a strong enough stomach to actually watch it):

And, here's everything else she's shared about her Halloween 2021 short film...

Earlier this week, Heidi posted a video to her Instagram showing snippets of her 2021 costume, including footage of her house and spooky decorations flashing up on the screen - a real suspense builder, if you ask me:

Heidi subsequently shared a behind-the-scenes clip showing her going into the filming set, before sitting in the makeup chair where creepy wounds and prosthetic details are expertly created. At one point, we even catch a sneak peek at a fake thumb falling off and, from the looks of it, being tossed into a salad that Halloween Heidi's prepping in the kitchen - eeep!

Dressed in a pink off-the-shoulder, high-waisted with tousled blonde hair, Heidi captions the post: "We all go a little mad sometimes… 👻🎃🕸🧟♀️⚰️🔪🕷🦇 #HeidiHalloween2021"

Here's some more footage of the crew filming a scene around a dinner table featuring some not so cute (although very impressive) visual effects, of Heidi projectile vomiting her food up. Nice.

Aaaand here's another vid of Heidi turning into a zombie and yup, the footage is every horror movie lover's dream:

Watch the space - we'll be keeping the Heidi Halloween costume updates coming as we know more.

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