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Heidi Klum has a Swarovski crystal facial to celebrate Halloween

Yahoo Lifestyle
3 December 2012

Heidi Klum made a real statement dressed as Cleopatra as she was finally able to celebrate Halloween in style.

The supermodel covered her face with hundreds of coloured Swarovski crystals and wore a shimmering gown with winged cape that was topped off with a large black wig and golden headdress.

Heidi’s 13th annual Halloween soirée which was held in New York City was postponed at the end of October because of Superstorm Sandy.

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The Project Runway host said: “When Sandy hit and I was like, ‘I cannot do a Halloween Party. I can’t have fun when so many people’s lives have been destroyed.’”

Heidi spent hours getting her make up done to look like Cleopatra she hired Oscar and Emmy-winning makeup artist Bill Corso to transform her face.

The star looked like she'd had a Swarovski facial with her face covered in crystals, all of which had been carefully placed to highlight her cheeks, lips and the bridge of her nose.

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The mum-of-four had New York-based costumier Martin Izquierdo help with her glittering Cleopatra outfit. She found the inspiration for her costume from the any movies made about the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Heidi said: “So many movies have been about her and so many actresses have played her in the movies - I thought that would be a great costume.”

At her previous Halloween parties the star has dressed as a Hindu goddess, a crow and a robot.

The 39-year-old arrived at the party with Santa Claus as her date and later got cozy with her bodyguard/boyfriend, Martin Kristen who dressed as Batman.

This year’s event benefited the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts of The American Red Cross and on Sunday, Heidi delivered aid to storm-ravaged areas in the Long Island area of New York.

What do you think of Heidi’s Cleopatra outfit? Let us know over on Twitter with the hashtag #YLifestyleHeidi

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