Hed Mayner Men’s Spring 2025: Big Deal

“A chunk of wood buckled to the foot,” was how Hed Mayner described one of the key shoe styles in this collection, which had a “Mad Max” vibe and a whole lot of attitude.

Mayner, who’s not from Max’s home, Australia, but from the equally hot and desert-y Israel, has never been shy. Since launching his unisex label in 2015 he’s sent out collections with colossal proportions and this season was no different — although he’s begun to show some restraint.

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As booming, dramatic music and rattlesnake sounds blasted from the speakers, models made their way down the runway in those wood and strappy leather clogs, wearing clothes large enough to fit two, or even three, people.

Some of the clothes had a medieval feel to them, like something knights would wear under their armor. T-shirts were long and roomy and decorated with olive or pink abstract swirls, while crisp cotton shirts, big as a ship’s sails, were layered over shorts or jeans, and cinched wide cotton belts-cum-cummerbunds.

Suits were drapey and voluminous. Some were more formally tailored while others featured bomber style jackets with softly rounded shoulders. Vests — done in recycled leather or linen — had deep V-necks and looked as if they were crafted by giants.

The “Mad Max” feel emerged in the wooden clogs; boxy, Neoprene or silk flak vests; strappy leather jackets, and denim utility shorts with huge patch pockets. One lovely draped and slashed cable knit sweater looked like it had met with the sharp end of a sword.

Mayner’s clothes are distinctive, and this season even more so as the designer looked to create more shape, curve and definition. He said his aim was to use those big proportions to help the wearer stay cool in the heat — and to strike a pose.

“I wanted to create a sense of intimacy between the garment and the person wearing it, and at the same time, change a person’s body language,” said the designer, who was dressed in white layers. “For me, I know there’s a certain energy that comes with wearing these clothes.”

It gave a whole new meaning to power dressing: padded shoulders aren’t the only weapons in fashion’s arsenal anymore.

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Launch Gallery: Hed Mayner Spring 2025 Men’s Collection

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