What the heck is an interlabial pad? Yep, those things you've seen all over TikTok...

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Photo credit: Getty Images

Anyone whose ever been on TikTok will tell you that by opening the app you're booking a one-way ticket to a social media black hole. But, whilst the clips on CatTok will have you wasting 45 minutes like 45 seconds, some corners of the social media platform do have their benefits. Take PeriodTok, for example, where you'll find everything you need to know about menstruation (yep, the kinda stuff you didn't learn at school), like these 'life-saving' stretches that'll help relieve your period pains.

And the latest period must-know taking over TikTok is the interlabial pad – don't worry, we'd never heard of them either. So, what exactly are interlabial pads?

Sharing an explainer on interlabial pads on her TikTok account – where she sells a range of period positivity products – user @seweco said: "An interlabial pad is something that can help slow down the flow of your period."

She went on, "Some people have really gushy periods and their sanitary pad doesn't have enough time to absorb all of that blood, so it can leak onto the wings." Here's where the interlabial pad comes in...

"You fold it in half and you put it in between your labia," the TikToker said as she gave a demonstration on some of the other ways you can wear one. "It doesn't go inside the vagina, it just sits in between," she added, noting that they come in a range of sizes and shapes – which is perfect, considering that no two vulvas are the same.

"When it is sitting in between your labia, if you have a gush of blood flow then it will catch the majority of it so that your pad has more time to absorb it," @seweco explained, also pointing out that you can use these as well as tampons for extra protection if you have heavy periods.

As for some of the more inventive uses for an interlabial pad, the TikToker added that they're great for people who experience bladder leaks, as well as for those prone to boob sweat – simply tuck one under your breast and voila!

"They have many uses," she said at the end of perhaps the most informative period product TikTok we've ever watched. "It's just about trial and error and finding the right size and the right way that works for you."

BRB, off to spend our salary on interlabial pads...

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