Who is ‘Heather’, the Trump fan who went viral for bizarre level of devotion to the president?

Louise Hall
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Heather expressed some over the top well-wishes to the President (AP)
Heather expressed some over the top well-wishes to the President (AP)

A Twitter user by the name of Heather has gone viral on the platform for saying they’d would wade through coronavirus infested water to vote Donald Trump in November, much to his delight.

The user, whose bio says is “just here for Trump” began trending on twitter with a serious expression of her devotion to the president.\T

"I would wade though a sea of Covid infested water to vote for President Trump on 3 November,” Heather wrote.

Mr Trump, apparently buoyed by the show of support from Heather retweeted the post with the caption: “thank you Heather!”

The president’s tweet has since amassed over 50,000 likes and 10,000 retweets, while the original post from Heather gained 22,000 likes.

The account regularly posts pro-Trump material, voicing its support for the current sitting president and often retweeting posts from the president and his family.

“Love him or hate him, President Trump is always on everyone’s mind, televisions, and social media feeds. He’s smarter than your average President,” Heather posted on Tuesday.

On many occasions the account, which has almost 230,000 followers, lashes out at Democrats and presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“The Dems are relentlessly smearing the President for something that I’m pretty sure was a targeted attack that they’re responsible for. Same s***. Different day,” the account tweeted last week.

Heather also seemingly previously went viral for a tweet in reference to the Oscars in 2018.

“I don’t let overweight people, tell me how to manage my weight. I don’t let broke people, tell me how to manage my money. I don’t let people with armed security tell me what to do with my guns. I don’t let people with ZERO moral values tell me how to live my life. #Oscars,” the tweet, pinned to the top of her feed, said.

Some people on the platform seemed to question her resolute endorsement of Mr Trump, saying he would not afford her the same dedication.

“Why, though? I can't imagine anyone actually thinking he has their best interests at heart. He's proven he only cares about himself, the rest is lies,” one user posted in response.

“This man could care less about you and if you did wade through the sea of Covid water - he would let you drown," another said.

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