This heated parish council Zoom meeting has gone viral for all the right reasons

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Photo credit: Twitter
Photo credit: Twitter

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Hello and welcome to today's edition of news I never expected to write... featuring a local parish council Zoom meeting going viral for all the right reasons (turns out they're not the snoozy affairs we all had them down as - who knew!).

Members of Handforth Parish Council have inadvertently become overnight social media stars, after one participant was told "You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver!" (which I feel is going to become the new "Bye, Felicia!", right?), before the rest of the conversation slowly descended into insult-trading madness. However - we must note - it's quite hard to figure out what on earth is actually going on and who's in the wrong or right here.

From what we can gather, it's believed the meeting was supposed to be held by chairman Brian Tolver, but he refused to do so and said he wouldn't recognise a meeting held by two other councillors as legitimate, which is when he delivered his iconic "You have no authority here, Jackie Weaver!" line... and Jackie booted him off the call into the waiting room. *Alexa, play roaring football crowds in response*

Another councillor, John Smith, also weighed in on Brian's attempt to rebrand himself as a "clerk" and said, "He's not the clerk of the parish council, whether he declares himself the clerk or not."

To which Jackie replied, "The chairman simply declared himself 'clerk' and notified everybody of the case... There is no way of stopping him from calling himself clerk. Please refer to me as Britney Spears from now on!"

Other highlights from the meeting include participant Alec's response ("She's kicked him out!") and when a member of the public interrupted the meeting to try and take a call, only to be told "We're trying to have a Teams meeting, you fool."

Naturally, Twitter has done its best in coming up with some *chef's kiss* reactions to the whole drama – and many have anointed Jackie as their new Lord and Saviour. J'adore!

See here for details, please:

Others have suggested that when large-scale events are able to resume, that Jackie ought to be given a headline spot at Pride:

Comedian Rachel Parris wanted to make it known nice and early that she thinks an ITV drama could be in the works, following the lives of the councillors. She even took a second to predict who might be playing OLASJW (Our Lord and Saviour Jackie Weaver):

There's also a remix or two doing the rounds:

Anyone else fancy a trip to Handforth when lockdown ends? Cause I'm feeling like it's kinda the place to be right now!

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