The heat is on: Top tips to keep you cool this summer

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When the hot weather FINALLY makes an appearance, we're often not prepared to handle the heat!

From our skin to sleep and energy, there are many health and wellbeing benefits to keeping your cool as the temperature rises.

Read our handy hacks to help you keep your cool:

Skin soother

The skin is the body's largest organ and can be particularly sensitive to the sun. Catching the rays for that extra hour may well provide the feel-good summer vibes we all crave, but if over-exposed, our skin can react with hot flushes, irritable sunburn, and dry, itchy skin.

To soothe heated, red skin, why not opt for an aqueous cream which contains menthol? Menthol is an organic compound that has many health benefits, including soothing skin with a cooling sensation. This age-old coolant is a great alternative to after-sun lotion and can assist with alleviating the pain of sunburn by cooling the affected area. Try Menthoderm - a menthol in aqueous cream available in three strengths, and a handy 100g travel tube.

Sleep easy

We may be used to crawling under the duvet and wrapping up for the night. However, in summer, try this simple hack instead: stay cool by sleeping under just a sheet or, even better, just take the duvet cover off and use that! Thanks to new Outlast technology (used by NASA originally) you can also buy temperature regulating, cooling mattresses, duvets, and toppers made from material designed to absorb, store, and release heat that the body emits during the different stages of sleep.

If you're still really struggling to sleep in the heat, try soaking a flannel or hand towel in cold water and apply it to your face or wrists for an instant cool down.

Drink it in

On average, an adult can lose up to half or one litre of sweat every day, but in hot environments, this can increase to almost a litre and a half an hour! That's why it's essential to keep the body hydrated during hot weather. So, what's the best get way to get plenty of H20? Cool water is a given, but what about the old wives' tale about a cup of tea cooling you down? Although counterintuitive, drinking a warm beverage causes receptors in your mouth and throat to trigger a sweat response, allowing your body to cool down without having to ingest a large amount of the warm liquid. Don't have too much caffeine though!

Get fruity

Everyone loves ice cream on a summer day, but scientists think that it can actually warm you up as heat is generated during the digestive process to break down the nutrients in this calorie-rich snack. Try swapping the scoops for a natural frozen juice or ice-pop to top up your vitamins for the day and increase your hydration levels in one hit.

Food plays an important role in regulating body temperature, so selecting foods with a high-water content like pineapple, mangos, oranges, cucumbers, and watermelons could help you to stay cool too.

Loosen up

It's common knowledge that dark clothes absorb more heat than light colours, so to keep yourself cool try to choose white, pastel, or muted shades. Light is also the way to go in terms of the fit. Looser-fitting T-shirts, dresses, and shorts will help you feel more comfortable and airier. No matter how good it may look, denim should probably be swapped out for materials such as cotton or linen.

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