The heartbreaking thing fans have noticed about Adele's new music video

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Photo credit: Kevork Djansezian - Getty Images
Photo credit: Kevork Djansezian - Getty Images

It's been two days since Adele released her first track in six years, and it's safe to say we've listened to Easy On Me 84636 times already. No judging here, please and thanks. Along with the new song, Adele also released a music video which, according to fans on Twitter, has a much deeper meaning than we first thought.

ICYMI, in the video for Easy On Me, Adele packs up an old house and then makes a phone call to let whoever's on the end of the line known that it's 'all done.' But, eagle eyed fans have noticed that this isn't the only time the house has made an appearance in one of her videos. In fact, in the music video for her 2015 hit, Hello, it looks like Adele moves into the house as she can be see removing dust sheets.

Taking to Twitter to comment on the heartbreaking find, one fan said: "The parallel between the Hello music video and Easy On Me by Adele and how she’s now moving out of the house is a work of art." Someone else tweeted "Did anyone else realise the similarity between the videos for Hello and Easy On Me? Same house? In Hello she just got there... but in Easy On Me she was leaving. A whole story."

Here's a few more reactions to the music video...

Given that both music videos were directed by Xavier Dolan, this might be one fan theory that is very much true.

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