Headteacher bans 'greedy' primary school pupils from bringing in sweets

A Kent headteacher has banned children from bringing in sweets for their birthday. [Photo: Getty]
A Kent headteacher has banned children from bringing in sweets for their birthday. [Photo: Getty]

A primary school headteacher has banned her pupils from bringing in sweets.

Chasey Crawford-Usher, the headmistress of Wateringbury Primary School near Maidstone Kent, has banned the practice of children bringing the sugary treats to school in order to celebrate their birthday with classmates.

“To have sweets on your birthday is one thing, but having them on every other child’s birthday is another,” she told The Telegraph.

“We had sweets in school before and the children were getting greedy and unpleasant about it, grabbing them and that sort of thing.

“There was no aspect about it that was pleasant.”

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“It’s really important that parents understand that we’ve got the children’s well-being at heart. It’s not because I don’t like sweets,” she added.

“There’s this assumption that every celebration has to involve sugar and I think we need to change children’s perceptions about that as well as parents’ perceptions.”

Crawford-Usher has previously banned fruit juice at the school, while pupils are only permitted to bring in crisps once a week, according to Kent Online.

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Discussing the matter on Twitter, some supported the ban, saying sweets had no place at a school.

However, not everyone is happy with Crawford-Usher’s anti-sweets stance.

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Tom Bosworth, an Olympic race walker, argued she should “let a child be a child”, while another Pink Floyd in calling to “leave them kids alone”.

Crawford-Usher’s school isn’t the only one trying to police what pupils do and do not eat.

Earlier this year, a parent took to Mumsnet to describe how she was called in for a special meeting for including a mini chocolate bar in a packed meal.

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