Hayfever Remedies That Will Actually Stop Your Nose And Eyes Leaking


Hayfever has to be one of nature’s most cruel ailments. You spend all winter trying to fend off the flu, only to be greeted with yet another sworn enemy intent on attacking our bodies… POLLEN, oh, and the wretched cycle of sniffles begin once again!

While most people see spring as an indication that summer is just around the corner, allergy sufferers on the other hand are left feeling conflicted from the minute Easter is over and anxiety about the warmer months start settling in.

We know all to well that a simple frolic in the park, can quickly result in sneezing fits, itchy eyes and runny noses, and, if your symptoms are bad enough, you find yourself — dare we say it — dreading summer all together.

Well, you don’t have to suffer any longer, as we’ve found some remedies that will clear up symptoms faster than you can say, “ACHOO!”.


Who knew that cherry flavoured tin of vaseline could double up as a lip slave and an allergy remedy? Yep, scooping out a little Vaseline and rubbing it onto the inside of your nostrils before you head outdoors will prevent sneezing. This trick will trap the pollen and stop it reaching the inside of your nose.

A red light

Shining a red light up your nose has been proven to have antihistamine effects as it increases blood circulation and calms inflammation within the nostrils. You can now buy a phototherapy probe from your local pharmacy which should help put a stop to sneezing, a runny nose, itchy eyes and throat.


Wrap-around sunglasses

They might not be as in Vogue as those Ray Ban aviators, but switching to wrap around glasses, think Oakley, can help prevent pesky pollen getting into your eyes and causing irritation.

Eating honey

While this method might sound like a silly old wives tale, a daily spoonful of honey is one of the tastiest remedies for hayfever. It can’t just be any ol’ kind though. British Manuka honey, that’s left unprocessed, is highly recommended as it’s contaminated with local pollen and by eating it you will become desensitised to it’s effects. For better results, try and have a spoon daily at least two months before pollen season.


A close shave

Believe it or not, but facial hair is like a fly trap for pollen so if you want to avoid any sneezing fits, it’s best to reach for the clippers.

Changing your clothes

Similarly, having a change of shirt is quite often all that’s needed to help relieve symptoms of hay fever, as pollen can settle in your clothes. So carry a spare top to work or take a shower as soon as you get in the house to make sure your allergen-free.

Continusouly popping those allergy pills

The best way to deal with hay fever is prevention, not cure, so the earlier you start taking your antihistamine tablets, the better. You can either take them as soon as you get any symptoms, or take them as a preventive measure before you leave the house if you know there is going to be a high pollen count.


Cleaning like mad

If there was ever an excuse to keep your house spick and span, it’s now because pollen gets EVERYWHERE. Any particles settled on surfaces, in the carpet or on furniture can wreak havoc on your allergies. Swap a dry duster for Dettol wipes, as the damp tissues will prevent pollen being able to float around.

The next few months won’t be easy, but stick to these tips and life won’t be so unbearable.

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