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Frozen Gummy Bears

Haribo gummy bears are even tastier when frozen because the texture becomes more solid. You've got to try it!

If You Haven't Tried These Foods Frozen, You Haven't Lived

When I tell people that I freeze Hostess CupCakes, they usually don't know how to react. "Um . . . ew?" was the reply that I got from a college roommate when I shared my dessert secret, but after a single bite, she was a convert. Now her apartment has a package in the freezer at all times - they're just so much better frozen! There are plenty of snacks that share this quality, so you'd be missing out on a serious treat by not freezing some of your favorite foods. Check out these secretly amazing frozen snacks, and you'll never look back.


23 Healthy Frozen Desserts to Help You Cool Off Without a Ton of Calories