I Haven't Shopped All Year, But Mango's Summer Collection Just Changed My Mind

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I like to plan out every aspect of my life, particularly what I'm going to be wearing for it, but lately, I've found myself struggling with my fashion identity. Postponed weddings, cancelled holidays and, let's face it, the lack of a social life means I've been shopping considerably less than I ordinarily would have been.

It's my job as an editor to show you a considered and concise edit of the best pieces in fashion at any given time, and I love that challenge. However, right now, I'm increasingly indecisive about what to buy for myself. So much so I've barely added anything new to my wardrobe this year. I need an intervention—something to help me reignite my passion for getting dressed (in something other than leggings and a sweatshirt, at the very least). Or should I say needed, for, somewhat serendipitously, I've just happened upon a newly landed high-street collection that's so impressive I think it just might be the thing to break me out of my style rut.

While scrolling through Mango's new-in section today, I had a huge smile on my face. Its summer collection has only just trickled onto the website, and there are enough prints, cool detailing and breathtaking colours to do the trick. It's a bona fide feast for the eyes, completely refreshing and—rejoice!—packed full of things I actually want to wear this season.

Mango absolutely got the joyful-dressing memo we've been talking about here at Who What Wear. I think I speak for us all when I say we want to be excited about fashion again, and that's precisely how I felt scrolling through its brand-new clothing and accessories, with psychedelic prints in ultra-bright hues splashed upon everything from dresses and trousers to bags and hats. I suggest making "more is more" your mantra for the rest of 2021 at least. Then there are dresses—dresses so great I honestly can't choose between them. Nor do I intend to. And shoes, glorious shoes! With everything from thin, wraparound strap sandals to nostalgia-inducing clogs, Mango has ticked off every notable footwear trend going.

Indeed, it's something of a contrast from its previous palette of neutral tones. That said, if you're a minimalist at heart, rest assured Mango hasn't forgotten about you. At the top of my wish list, you'll find a black, full-skirted midi with a covetable tie-waist detail as well as a top to match, the perfect pair of wide-leg jeans, and beige drawstring shorts made to be worn with oversized linen shirting. Together with the more directional pieces, Mango's latest collection effortlessly navigates between wardrobe timelessness and being at the forefront of the trends—and that's no small feat.

However you choose to interpret Mango's new aesthetic, it's guaranteed to make getting dressed way more fun. Scroll below for a healthy dose of outfit inspiration from Mango's summer 2021 campaign, and then continue on to shop my edit of the very best pieces.

Crochet is back on the summertime style agenda, and Mango is serving up some irresistible options.

Shop the key piece:

Mango Handmade Crochet Crop Top (£50)

Stop crochet pieces from looking too twee by wearing them with ripped denim or, for more throwback appeal, tan suede.

I'm calling it—this dress is going to sell out fast.

Shop the key piece:

Mango Maxi Ruffles Dress ($70)

These are totally timeless. You'll never regret investing in a pair of straight-leg jeans. There's something so summery about this light wash, too.

This blue cutout two-piece is guaranteed to earn you compliments.

Shop the key pieces:

Mango Wrap Knit Top (£18)

Mango Flared Knitted Trousers (£50)

I don't know what I'm more obsessed with—the donkey or the trousers. You know what? I think it's the entire vibe.

Shop the key piece:

Mango Printed Cotton Trousers (£36)

Of course, you'll want to snap up the matching trousers for good sartorial measure.

For the minimalists among you, there's plenty of sleek black pieces to choose from too.

Shop the key piece:

Mango Vent Cotton Dress (£60)

I don't wear a lot of top-to-toe black, but there's something so premium about this cutout dress. I have to have it.

Mango's take on '70s florals is one of the best I've seen.

Mango Frill Cotton Dress (£50)

Short-sleeve shirts are a microtrend that's having a big moment right now—invest accordingly.

Mango Printed Cotton Shirt (£30)

As I said above, I don't think I've seen retro '70s prints done so well on the high street as they have been done here. Even with my trained eye, I'd almost think this was vintage.


Mango Bow Crop Top (£20)

At first glance, I honestly thought this was designer, and I have a hunch everyone else will think so when you wear it, too.

Mango Cotton Flared Skirt (£60)

This is the first thing from Mango's summer collection that I'll be adding to my basket. It's just so good.

Mango Fluted Hem Dress (£50)

Pink dresses never stick around long, and I just know this one is going to fly.

Mango Reversible Bucket Hat (£18)

Bucket hats are trending this summer—never before have they looked so pretty than in weathered pastels.

Mango Vent Cotton Dress (£60)

Such a beautiful colour, and with exquisite detailing to boot.

Mango Wide Leg High Waist Jeans (£36)

Wide-leg jeans are this season's need-to-know denim style. From the cut to the colour, I like everything about this pair.

Mango Criss-Cross Straps Sandals (£50)

Remember gladiator sandals? This year, they've had a minimal update with thin straps, padded soles and knotted details.

Mango Maxi Ruffles Dress (£70)

Thin straps never fail to look expensive—coupled with this print, this will be an influencer hit.

Mango Openwork Knit Top (£30)

That's right. Knitted polos are still going strong. I can see fashion types wearing this one undone with a bra top underneath.

Mango Floral Print Mini Skirt (£30)

The ideal addition to your favourite tan sandals and a simple white T-shirt.

Mango Handmade Crochet Hat (£30)

Who needs a holiday? I'll be wearing this straw hat with oversized linen shirting and a denim skirt on home soil.

Mango Printed Cotton Blouse (£30)

Of course, I'll be wearing this with the coordinating hat above, as well as the jeans below.

Mango Printed Cotton-Blend Short (£30)

Yes, short-and-shirts co-ords are a thing this summer. And yes, I want to wear them.

Mango Maxi Shopper Bag (£70)

Let's make it a pastel-floral hat trick with the hat, the shirt and the bag.

Mango Combined Knit Dress with Slit (£70)

The batwing sleeves, the contrasting waistline, the knitted texture—this dress embodies everything I love about '70s styling.

Mango Beige Studded Leather Clogs (£60)

Although clogs are somewhat divisive, I have a real soft spot for them. Trust me—this beige pair will blend in more seamlessly with your wardrobe than you think.

Mango Wrap Neckline Dress (£60)

Another could-be-designer dress from Mango's summer collection that's worked its way onto my wish list. I'll be wearing it with metallic sandals and an oversized clutch for all those backdated weddings I have in the pipeline.

Mango Floral Print Jumpsuit (£36)

A mini length, gorgeous colour palette and a pretty floral print—this is summer 2021 in a dress.

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