If You Haven’t Made This Two-Ingredient Biscoff Mousse Yet Then You’re Missing Out

Anna Lewis

From Delish

If you’ve already had a turn making this absurdly tasty Biscoff lasagne, you may be interested in what Biscoff-based treat we have for you today.

How does Biscoff mousse sound to you? If you answered, “pretty great”, then we are on the same page, friend. If your answer was “Meh”, then seriously – what are you even doing here? STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND MY TIME.

Anyhoo… Biscoff mousse is the latest Lotus dessert that we can’t wait to try, and it’s all thanks to the same woman who brought us the Biscoff lasagne. Seems like she’s as bonkers about Biscoff as the Delish team.

Sydney-based foodie Walla Abu-Eid shared her Biscoff mousse recipe on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, but thanks to Tyla, who drew our attention to it, we are now all over it, and cannot wait to make it ourselves. Because guess what… there are only two ingredients in it!

It’s simply double cream and Biscoff spread! Although, she does recommend serving the mousse in glasses with some broken up Biscoff biscuits too. Plus, a layer of Biscoff, and a whole Biscoff biscuit on the top adds a lovely final touch.

If Nutella is more your thing, Walla also makes a killer Nutella mousse which, again, only uses two ingredients: Nutella and double cream. For this, she crushes up Oreos to add a crunchy layer to her dessert.

But, like she said, you really can just make a giant bowl of the mousse and eat it as it is. Which is exactly what we’ll be doing for the next few weeks, tbh. We’ve got nothing else on…

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