Have You Tried These Lesser-Known Tips For Beating Hayfever?

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Summer: Chances are if you’re not fire engine red from neglecting the SPF 30, you’re sneezing all over your colleagues.

The former is between you and your bottle of sun cream but the latter we might just be able to help you with.

You may have a friend who swears by local honey or garlic but these are some simpler practical steps you may not have tried that are recommended by the NHS.

Vaseline is your friend

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According to the NHS, treatments like nasal infrared lights and sprays that coat the lining of your nose with a protective gel have no proven effect on your hay fever. 

However, in awesome news for both your nose and your wallet, a slick of Vaseline inside your lower nostrils can stop pollen from getting up your schnoz.

Dust with a wet cloth, not a dry one

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Dusting regularly is important to help prevent pollen from collecting on surfaces in your home but just using a dry cloth can simply spread dust and pollen around.

Ditch the washing line

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Hanging your clothes outside can mean bringing more pollen into your house. Time to get reacquainted with your clothes horse.

Keep your floors clean

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Vacuuming regularly is another way to help keep your house a pollen-free zone. Vacuum cleaners with a high-efficiency particle arresting (HEPA) filter are most effective.

Kick the cat out 

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As much as adorable fluff ball Mr Biscuit might make you feel better about being a snotty mess, keeping him on your lap could actually be exacerbating your hay fever symptoms.

Keeping pets outdoors (and washing them when they do come inside) can prevent unnecessary contact with pollen.

Don’t let people smoke in your house

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True, cigarettes have nothing to do with pollen. But inhaling your own or others’ smoke can irritate your nose, eyes, throat and airways and make your symptoms even worse.

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