Wands, Cloaks, and a Black Wedding Dress: This Harry Potter-Themed Wedding Is One For the Books

What's dark, romantic, and wickedly charming? A Harry Potter-themed wedding, of course! Arianna and Zack must have had some Amortentia (the love potion) when they met, because by their second date, they both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Zack got down on one knee for Arianna's birthday, and the two immediately began planning their wedding day. One interest the duo share is their love for Harry Potter, and they decided to incorporate details of the wizarding world into their wedding with things like wands, cloaks, an "always" cake, and so much more. The ceremony was held at Oak Creek Farm in Unionville, VA, and the bride wore a gorgeous black strapless dress with green shoes to match the theme, while the groom wore a gray tux with a black collared shirt and plum handkerchief. Together, the two looked like a couple straight from Hogwarts (and even wore cloaks for their wedding dance!). If you're interested in seeing this magical day for yourself, have a look at the pictures by M Harris Studios ahead.

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