Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch: My boyfriend bought me sex toys - I threw them away!

Evana Lynch at the Tarzan premiere credit:Bang Showbiz
Evana Lynch at the Tarzan premiere credit:Bang Showbiz

Evanna Lynch’s boyfriend once bought her a range of sex toys – which she threw away a few weeks later.

The ‘Harry Potter’ star – who played Luna Lovegood in the film franchise – has admitted she was so “horrified” when her partner, Robbie Jarvis, came home with a large array of sex toys for her that she put them all in a “box of sin”.

And a few weeks later when she came to move the box, Evanna was so put off by the idea of someone finding out what was inside that she decided to throw the whole thing in the bin.

Speaking during an appearance on ‘The Russell Howard Hour’, she said: “I have a very Irish attitude to sex.

“My boyfriend bought me all these horrifying things, they frightened the bejesus out of me, so I confined them to a box that to me was a box of sin. I was living in LA and then I was going to move back to London.

“I kept having these nightmares that it would be going through customs and all these giant toys would be falling out.

"I got the box out one day, bleached everything – because I didn’t want to be linked to this box of sin – wrapped it up in a bag, drove to a dodgy neighbourhood in LA and threw it in a bin.”

Meanwhile, Evanna also recently opened up about her childhood battle with anorexia, and said she used to join in with online trolls who made unkind remarks about her during the height of her fame because she was "addicted" to negative thinking.

She said: “An eating disorder is your worst bully. The meanest person lives in your own head, so everyone beyond that you can deal with. It wasn’t a shock to me if I was criticised. I was braced for it, I expected it.

“I was addicted to negative thinking, always seeing the worst thing about myself because that felt safe.

“I thought, if I’m the meanest person to me, then nobody can hurt me. So when I got this level of fame and when I found people on the internet saying horrible things about me, it was a sense of community.

"They echoed my horrible thoughts and I wanted to submerge myself in it. You think, if I go to the very darkest place it will all be OK.”

The actress now considers herself fully recovered from her eating disorder and believes her positive outlook has been vital.

She added: “I learnt how to change my mindset. I’m really disciplined about thinking positively.”