This Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Cake Will Have All Your Party Guests Arguing

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Asda/Well This Is New

From Delish

The most important thing a Harry Potter fan can do is to argue until the cows come home about which house is best. Is it Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff?

I mean, this is obviously a moot point as Hufflepuff is clearly the best.

Anyway, a great way to get your friends and family rowing at your next shindig is by presenting them with this Harry Potter Hogwarts crest cake, and leaving them to argue amongst themselves.

Eventually (hopefully) they’ll admit that everyone’s different; that’s what makes the world so great, and they’ll simply tuck into a slice of cake with a cup of tea.

The £12 celebration cake features a Hogwarts crest-shaped chocolate sponge cake with chocolate filling. It’s been hand-decorated and finished with a Quidditch Snitch gold sheen.

You can get hold of the cake in Asda (we know this thanks to Well This Is New on Instagram), along with a set of Harry Potter cupcakes. They combine light sponge with frosting and edible crest decorations, they come in a pack of twelve, with three cupcakes for each Hogwarts house. A 12-pack platter will set you back £7.

Photo credit: Asda

The cakes have been manufactured by Finsbury Food Group.

Jordan McCann, Junior Brand Manager at the company said: “Harry Potter is loved and enjoyed by people of all ages and we’ve created the perfect range of celebration cakes, thinking of something for everyone – no matter what Hogwarts House you are in!

“We’ve made sure the range includes celebration cakes that can be showstopping centrepieces, to gift cakes that you are proud to present to your friends and family!”

Unless any of your friends or family are Slytherins. They don’t deserve nice things.

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