Hard Seltzers Are The New Drinking Trend Of 2020

Anna Lewis
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Praise be, it feels like things are finally starting to get back to normal in the UK again (but let’s not speak too soon, eh?). We’re allowed to see family and friends in outdoor situations, and with all those garden parties and picnics on the horizon, we’re very much in the market for some new drink options.

Has anyone else noticed that hard seltzers, which have been a big hit over in the US of A for a while now, are now making their way over to the UK to spice up our weekends?

But what actually are these mysterious beverages we keep seeing on supermarket shelves across the land?

What is a hard seltzer?

A hard seltzer is basically just an alcoholic flavoured sparkling water. And what’s nice about them is that, as well as being refreshing and boozy (usually around 4-5% ABV), they’re also low-calorie, which is great, if that’s what you’re into. A lot of them have as few as 70-ish calories per can in fact.

Where to buy hard seltzers in the UK

You can buy a number of hard seltzers in UK supermarkets. White Claw, Bodega Bay and Mike’s are big hitters in the world of hard seltzers. And now, seeing as hard seltzers have become kind-of a big deal in the UK in 2020, Kopparberg, Smirnoff and Barefoot Wine have also launched their own range of these tasty tipples.

As well as supermarkets, you can also get a load of hard seltzers on Amazon. Booze delivered to your front door? Oh, the luxury of it all.

White Claw hard seltzers

Bodega Bay hard seltzers

Mike’s hard seltzers

Kopparberg hard seltzers

Smirnoff hard seltzers

DRTY hard seltzers

Barefoot Wine hard seltzer

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