Happy Valley viewers seriously divided by intense episode 5 moment

Happy Valley fans have been loving season three of the hit show, but there was certainly a major moment in episode five which left fans divided.

In the penultimate episode, which aired on Sunday night, Ryan visits his Uncle Daniel and Ann’s house after being left with his grandad’s wine-loving wife Ros, only for Ann to be deeply unimpressed by his arrival. Knowing that Ryan has visited Tommy Lee Royce - her kidnapper who sexually assaulted her back in season one - she tears down the teenager, telling him that he wasn’t wanted as a child, and listing all of the abusive things his dad has done.

WATCH: See the moment Happy Valley's Ann rants at Ryan about Tommy Lee Royce


While plenty of viewers loved the monologue, with one writing: "The Ann Gallagher monologue/rant in #HappyValley tonight was up there with the best scenes in any of the episodes. Brilliant," while another person added: "Ann yelling at Ryan was historical viewing #happyvalley," and a third posting: "Ann’s scene was brilliant. It was cruel and harsh, but Ryan’s nearly an adult.


Ann told Ryan some home truths about his past

"He needs to know what Tommy did to so many women. It was so real. People that have been terrorised like Ann was will snap and when they do, they’re not thinking of how best to word it," others weren’t so sure.

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One person wrote: "Jesus Ann that was a bit harsh….. agree with 90% of it but way to break a 16-year-old," while another wrote: "That’s taking it too far Ann. Way too far. He needed to know the truth, but telling him how unwanted he was is bloody harsh."


Do you think the scene was too harsh?

However, a third wrote: "To everyone that says Ann was too harsh on Ryan: she is saying everything anyone who has ever been raped has ever felt. Her rage and anger is justified. Ryan visiting her rapist is a betrayal." What did you think? Watch the video clip to decide for yourself.

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