How a happy 'Twixmas' can set you up for 2023

AGE Fotostock

'Twixmas' - the week between the chaos of Christmas and New Year's Eve - may be one of the stranger times of the year.

With many back at work, but others not fully finished with the holidays, and New Year's resolutions yet to be embarked on, it can feel like a wasted week.

However, help is on hand as health and wealth experts have put forward some handy tips to invest time and energy in setting yourself up for the best possible 2023 - financially, physically, and emotionally.

"Use the time to identify what fills up your cup and what drains it, that way, come 2023, you will be able to manage when and where your energy goes and set strong boundaries for yourself and your mental well-being," advised Visibility Coach and Business Mentor Rhiannon Bates.

Meanwhile, The Femalepreneur Coach Rebecca Barr suggested, "Twixmas is a great time to get to grips with your finances, master your money mindset and set yourself up for a wealthier 2023. Spending just 10 minutes a day looking at your finances is a strong habit to start during Twixmas to create wealth in the forthcoming year."

Of course, money isn't everything - so Niyc Pidgeon, positive psychologist and bestselling author, recommends implementing a seven-step morning ritual to start your day on the right foot.

She recommends writing or saying aloud what things you are grateful for, meditating and doing deep breathing exercises, getting the body moving, dancing to your favourite song, visualising future success, affirming the mantras and values you want to live by, and speaking "your ideas into existence".

Other top tips include using the time to work out clear goals to pursue once the New Year begins, and to start an exercise routine to give you a head start when the New Year is in full swing. It is also a good time to audit your social media use - so you can make a fresh start if needed.

Stick to these and you can set yourself up for an amazing 2023!