The 'Happiest Season' trailer has been released and queer Twitter is beside itself

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With the flaming garbage fire that is 2020 drawing to a close, the one thing the LGBTQ+ community has been patiently looking forward to in a vain attempt to experience some slither of joy is the release of queer/lesbian romantic comedy Happiest Season. It's the first Christmas film from a major studio that centres an LGBTQ+ couple - so yeah, a pretty big deal. Starring Kristen Stewart and Black Mirror: San Junipero's Mackenzie Davies, the rom com has also been directed by queer actor/icon Clea DuVall (who most of us have been obsessed with since But I'm A Cheerleader). And finally, we have a trailer!

Happiest Season follows Kristen's character Abby as she goes home with her girlfriend Harper (Mackenzie Davies) to spend Christmas with Abby's family. Although they live together and are in a relationship, and Abby is planning to propose to Harper, it turns out Harper isn't actually out as gay to her family. The film also stars Schitt's Creek legend Dan Levy and bisexual actor Aubrey Plaza. Oh, and Tegan and Sara wrote the soundtrack. In other words: it's queer as hell.

Clea DuVall posted the trailer on Twitter, with queer Ratched actor Sarah Paulson commenting, "This looks fucking perfect."

And fans are also replying and tweeting about this momentous occasion. User TotallyMine wrote, "It won't be easy to watch because I know exactly how Harper feels. My siblings and all my friends know, my parents don't. Living in another country makes it much easier... I've been waiting for this movie so much! Thank you."

Itsbelyf said, "Thank you, Clea!! We've been waiting (a very long time) for a Christmas movie like this. Thank you. Can't wait to see it!"

"I have wanted a gay Christmas rom com since I was a kid, can’t believe at the age of 31 I’m finally getting it. Thank you thank you thank you," replied Thepridevibe.

Tonks said that as their family isn't accepting of their sexuality, this film will mean a lot to them. "I usually hate the holidays Cuz my family is not excepting of who I am, but this makes me excited to spend Christmas by myself this year with a good movie," they wrote.

"All we wanted for xmas was Kristen Stewart climbing Mackenzie Davies like a tree thank you Happiest Season," another user wrote.

And user oh_myBlanchett asked what we are all thinking, "Will it have a Happy ending?? PLEASE say yes!!" - making reference to the common 'Bury Your Gays' trope we're used to enduring in mainstream cinema/TV where queer characters are killed off at an alarming rate and rarely allowed any real story or character development.

We first got an official 'first look' back in September. And while it was one shot of Abby and Harper iceskating, that was enough to blow up queer Twitter.

Originally due in UK cinemas on 27 November 2020, Happiest Season will now be available on Hulu on November 25. It will then be released on digital streaming platforms to rent or buy on November 26 - although price details haven't been release yet...

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