What happened to Andrea Roberts, Aaron Quinn's ex, after the so-called 'Gone Girl' case involving her former fiancé and his girlfriend Denise Huskins?

  • "American Nightmare" examines the Denise Huskins kidnapping case from 2015.

  • Huskins was staying with her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, when she was taken by a masked intruder.

  • Footage of Quinn's ex-fiancée, Andrea Roberts, also appears in the Netflix docuseries.

The Netflix true-crime docuseries "American Nightmare" looks at a puzzling kidnapping case from 2015, exploring what happened to Denise Huskins when she was forcibly abducted from her boyfriend's house.

On March 23, 2015, Aaron Quinn told the police that the couple was woken up in the middle of the night by a masked intruder in a wetsuit, who then drugged the pair. Quinn was ordered to pay a $17,000 ransom (in two $8,500 installments) and warned not to go to the police, while Huskins was driven to a property in South Lake Tahoe where her kidnapper, Matthew Muller, kept her hostage for two days.

In that time, he sexually assaulted Huskins twice on camera, threatening to release the footage if she went to the police.

During the initial investigation into Huskins' disappearance, Vallejo police interviewed Quinn's ex-fiancée, Andrea Roberts. Roberts told them that Quinn had spoken to her about potentially rekindling their relationship — even though he was still dating Huskins at the time.

Though Huskins really had been kidnapped, the bizarre details of the case and the relationship drama between Huskins, Quinn, and Roberts led the authorities to believe (and publicly insist) that the couple had faked the abduction.

Here's what we know about Roberts and where she is today.

Aaron Quinn was engaged to Andrea Roberts before he started dating Denise Huskins

Quinn and Huskins first met in 2014 where they worked as physical therapists. When they started dating, Quinn had recently broken up with his former fiancée Roberts, who also worked with them. In the docuseries, Quinn said their relationship ended because Roberts cheated on him.

While Roberts didn't participate in "American Nightmare," footage from her police interview shows her recalling what it was like working together after the breakup.

Roberts explained: "I mean, we get along okay at work. It's been sad, but I asked him to stop coming into my office."

"He would want to hug me and, you know, sometimes he would try to kiss me, but I told him that wasn't okay and he knew it," she added.

In February 2015, Huskins discovered that Quinn had been messaging Roberts about getting back together, leaving her devastated. Huskins was uncertain about whether to continue the relationship but ultimately agreed to get together at Quinn's home to discuss their future on March 22, 2015 — the night before she was kidnapped.

During the harrowing ordeal, Huskins recalled how her kidnapper (later revealed to be Muller) told her that Roberts, who had previously lived in Quinn's home and looked similar to Huskins, was actually the intended target.

After two days in captivity, Muller drove Huskins over 400 miles to her family home in Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, and let her go. Because of Quinn's delay in initially reporting Huskins' abduction, and after learning about their relationship troubles, the police became suspicious and accused the couple of staging the incident, comparing the events to the 2014 movie "Gone Girl," based on the 2012 book of the same name by Gillian Flynn.

The David Fincher film sees Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) fake her own kidnapping to frame her unfaithful husband, Nick (Ben Affleck).

Further complicating the situation is the fact that, as recounted in the docuseries, David Sesma, the FBI agent who worked on the case after Huskins was released but before Muller was found, had also previously dated Roberts.

Andrea Roberts has kept her life private after the 'American Nightmare' her ex Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins experienced

Footage of the police interview with Andrea Roberts, as seen in Netflix's "American Nightmare."
Footage of the police interview with Andrea Roberts, as seen in Netflix's "American Nightmare."Netflix

Aside from the archival footage of Roberts' police interview, she does not appear in "American Nightmare" to give her thoughts and feelings about the incident.

Felicity Morris and Bernadette Higgins, the team behind the docuseries, said in an interview with Variety that they'd reached out to Roberts to let her know it was being made.

"I think she probably was dragged into it more than she ever wanted to be in the first place," Higgins said when asked if they'd tried to interview Roberts for the series. "We obviously knew that she had nothing to do with it. It was just a terrible set of coincidences."

Presumably, she still lives in California and works in physical therapy, but it's currently unclear.

Muller was eventually convicted on federal and state charges for the rape, kidnapping, and false imprisonment of Huskins, but he has never revealed the reason behind targeting Quinn and his intent to kidnap Roberts. He's currently serving a 40-year prison sentence for the crime.

Huskins and Quinn remained together and eventually married, and are now the parents of two daughters. They filed a defamation lawsuit against the Vallejo Police Department in 2016 for falsely accusing them of staging the kidnapping, and later received a $2.5 million settlement. They didn't receive a public apology until 2021, six years after the ordeal.

The Vallejo police and the FBI declined to participate in "American Nightmare," according to the filmmakers.

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