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How to hang your jeans in a super aesthetically pleasing way: ‘So easy and it looks so good’

TikTok is full of creative ways to use clothes hangers, from getting a 180-degree view at the store to improvising as a prop to tie balloons. Fashion influencer Mikayla Stephenson (@miks_tiks) has a hack for using hangers as the ideal method for storing jeans.

“So easy and it looks so good,” Stephenson notes in the TikTok, which has 19 million views.

“[Mind] blown. I tried this and my walk in closet looks so fancy and expensive thank you for this,” said @zoeydysam.

In the video, Stephenson demonstrates how she folds her jeans over a hanger vertically to wind up with an aesthetically pleasing and neatly organized closet full of hung-up jeans.

She walks viewers through four steps to hanging jean success:

  1. Use a hanger with a straight velvet bottom and feed the jeans through the hanger vertically with the “butt” side facing out.

  2. When about one-third of the jeans have been fed through, fold the rest upwards.

  3. Fit the belt loop over the hanger neck and “that’s it.”

Once the belt loop is over the neck of the hanger, “everything else just kind of falls into place,” Stephenson describes.

Several commenters inquired if this hanging hack stretched or damaged the belt loops in any way.

“Anyone else have anxiety about the belt loop breaking?” asked @lonnielo.

But Stephenson assured anxious viewers that the hack had not damaged their jeans in any way.

“Nope hasn’t stretched any of mine and i’ve had them hung like this for like 2 years”! Stephenson replied in one comment.

“I’ve been hanging my jeans like this for 20 years. I have pairs that are 10+ years old that show no wear and tear from hanging them,” added @hollyberndt8.

Stephenson also shared the specific brand of velvet hangers that she uses, as many other commenters wondered if a certain type of hanger was necessary in order to avoid breaking under the weight of heavy jeans.

“I have those too in pink the best hangers and no one can say it’s theirs since am the only one with pink,” noted @jesseniiaax.

Other hanging hacks

Lifestyle influencer Katie Sue @heykatiesue) also demonstrates a different hack for hanging jeans “to be aesthetic.”

Katie Sue uses a specific “S ring” from Amazon that fits directly through the belt loop and hangs from a closet rack. She notes that anyone using the hack should double-check the ring fits their own bar, as some can be small and require a specific size.

Katie Sue folds her jeans pocket-side in and then loops the S ring through two belt loops to hang them in a neatly folded vertical manner.

“They don’t fold neatly the other way! The belt loops don’t line up the same and the inside gets folded weird so it’s harder to identify what is what,” she explained.

“Screaming in former j.crew visual merchandising manager! We hung all our casual pants and shorts this way”! commented @amber.richele.

Like Stephenson, Katie Sue also swore that she hasn’t “had any issues” with belt loops breaking or stretching out. And for anyone looking for a hack to hang pants that don’t have belt loops, she also provided a solution.

“Those go in a section on clamp hangers!! Like trousers, long skirts, etc.,” she noted.

The comment section of Katie Sue’s TikTok was also chock-full of people chiming in with other hanging hacks.

“Best way to hang jeans is by the bottom hems. The weight pulls all the woven fiber straight and keeps your length,” described @luxlock.

“Use ‘boot hangers’ instead of S-hooks. You clip them on vs looping. I use them to hang ALL my bottoms,” suggested @yourfavoriteex_.

“Former retail employee hack: go through the back hood first, twist and then come through the front loop. Will make them lay more flat,” added @nedraogden.

And while some commenters were full of tips, others just wanted help with what they view as the ultimate hack – finding that many pairs of jeans that need hanging in the first place.

“While I don’t even have one pair of jeans I like, like how do I find a pair that I like and looks good on me?” laughed @mareikeloeckmann.

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