Handheld Mini Drone Captures Perfect Selfies And Videos For Your Snapchat App

This new palm-sized drone lets you take pictures hands-free. Snap, the parent company of photo sharing app Snapchat, recently unveiled the flying camera called Pixy. Now available to purchase in both the United States and France, the 101g mini drone is a companion camera for the photo-sharing app. Once powered up, the user holds the device in the palm of their hand and at eye level it then takes off, and follows them around snapping rapid photos and videos which are sent to the user's Snapchat gallery. Due to the device's light weight, Snap states it isn't ideal to use during rainy or windy weather outdoors. The company also warns people against using it over water and shiny surfaces, which could confuse the drone into crashing. Its 12-megapixel camera can take up to 100 videos or 1000 photos, which means you'll have to clear its storage occasionally.

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