Hamza Yassin reveals 'Strictly' weight loss from 'hard on the body' training

Jowita Przystal and Hamza Yassin in Strictly Come Dancing. (BBC)
Jowita Przystal and Hamza Yassin in Strictly Come Dancing. (BBC)

Hamza Yassin has revealed that his tough Strictly Come Dancing training schedule has made him drop more than a stone in weight.

The fan favourite in this year's BBC One series achieved the highest score so far last weekend, bagging three perfect 10s for his salsa to Ecuador by Sash! featuring Rodriguez.

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But he told Good Morning Britain on Wednesday that gruelling hours in the training room had been "hard on the body".

Richard Madeley, hosting the ITV breakfast show, said: "Is it an optical illusion or is there a lot less of you?

“Honestly you’ve lost weight haven’t you?”

Yassin replied: “I have yes, I have. I’ve lost nearly eight and a half kilos (1.3 stone) … All thanks to (dance partner Jowita Przystal).

“Nine hours a day we’re trying to train and it’s hard on the body… My knees and legs are hurting.”

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Yassin also admitted that he came close to “dropping his partner” in his high-scoring Salsa on Saturday which ended with a series of daring throws and lifts.

He said: “There was a few times where the last lift, I wobbled (and) luckily I caught her.

“There was a whole fear through the whole dance… three or four hurdles…. that I had to get over and I wasn’t really getting them yet.

“There’s one point where I’m lowering her down, she saw the struggle in my face… She basically gave me words of encouragement and I was like, ‘Okay here we go’.”

Hamza Yassin has become a favourite with Strictly viewers. (BBC)
Hamza Yassin has become a favourite with Strictly viewers. (BBC) (BBC/Guy Levy)

Yassin added that he pins his long hair, which he has not cut in 17 years, to his shirt during training.

He said: “There’s been bits that have been trimmed (because) I was in the Arctic.

“I had a bit dipped in engine oil and it gets snipped off every now and again, but hair is kind of part of me.

“Jowita is nice enough to put up with it in training… Sometimes it’s pinned to my shirt.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturday at 6.40pm on BBC One.

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