Halsey's single gets release date after label bosses concede 'viral TikTok moment'

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Halsey's new single will finally be released next week.

Last month, the Without Me singer - who uses both she/her and they/them pronouns - told fans their record label, Capitol Music, was blocking them from releasing the track until they could "fake a viral moment on TikTok".

After fan backlash aimed at the label, Capitol Music executives announced on Tuesday that So Good will drop on 9 June - with or without a "viral moment".

"Halsey, we love you and are here to support you," a representative for Capitol Music wrote on Twitter. "We are committing to a release of So Good on June 9th, 2022. We are an artist-first company that encourages open dialogue. We have nothing but a desire to help each one of our artists succeed, and hope that we can continue to have these critical conversations."

Halsey responded to the Twitter statement in their own tweet, revealing the music video would follow the track release by one day.

"I didn't expect so much conversation about this record, all I know is that I wanted you guys to hear it and now you can. So Good, song on June 9th and video the next day. Endy (their son) gave me my flowers," the 27-year-old added.

On TikTok, Halsey posted an audio snippet of the song, writing over it, "Now I can go back to using TikTok for my real plan: Using witchcraft to take over the world. Thanks for keeping up with this fiasco."

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