Halsey's Floral Ruffled Gown and Butterfly Rings Are Just So Groovy, Baby

Sarah Wasilak

Halsey must've been in a '70s mood when she dreamed up her look for the 2019 American Music Awards. Her floral SS20 Marc Jacobs gown and rainbow eye makeup attracted our full attention when she hit the red carpet, posing for the cameras to show off all the little details. Zoom in close, and you'll see Halsey's wearing coordinating butterfly rings on both middle fingers, and snowflake like circle earrings to add a little bit more shine. Halsey's chiffon ruffles only slightly distracted us from the fact that her skirt was sheer, so you could see her satin briefs straight through the dress. But Halsey kept the outfit romantic - she looked like a rainbow goddess, and that's plain to see. Scroll down to see her stunning fashion moment from every angle.