Halo season 2 is the perfect jumping-on point for newcomers – according to one of its stars


Late to the Halo party? Turns out, you can sidestep the controversy and endless discourse of the first season and jump straight into Halo season 2 – according to one of its stars, that is.

"I do," Joseph Morgan – who plays newcomer and high-ranking ONI officer James Ackerson – answers when GamesRadar+ asks him if Halo season 2 is a good jumping-on point for newcomers.

"With my family, who are becoming aware of [Halo] and excited about it, I’ve said just jump in on season two."

Morgan adds: "There’s definitely some strong parts of season one, a lot of worth in there and – of course – some great performances as well by the cast. But I think [season two] is the show – for me, at least."

There’s certainly a compelling argument for those who just want to dive into Halo season 2. Not only did the first season air months later in the UK, meaning a fair chunk of its audience missed out, but the second season also features a fresh showrunner – who said it is "evident" that the new season will be a do-over-of-sorts.

"I asked David [Wiener], the showrunner, when we were shooting the show if this is going to be marketed like, ‘Hey, it’s sort of a new version of the show, we’re stepping away from season one.’ He said, ‘No, but I think it’s going to be evident," Morgan reveals.

Halo season 2 focuses on the UNSC and Master Chief's response to a growing threat from the alien Covenant race - and looks to be adapting the 'Fall of Reach', a planet-shattering event that has been seen in everything from Halo's video games, to comics, graphic novels, and other additive materials.

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