After Halo, Paramount Plus has dropped a surprise video game adaptation which you can watch now – and this one has an all-star cast

 Ark: The Animated Series.
Ark: The Animated Series.

Paramount Plus has dropped a surprise video game adaptation with an all-star voice cast.

The animated show is adapted from Ark: Survival Evolved, and, so far, six episodes are available to stream now in the US and Canada, with a release date of April 19 elsewhere. Seven more episodes remain, which will arrive at some point in the future (H/T Variety).

The show follows a paleontologist from the 21st Century named Helena Walker, voiced by Madeleine Madden, who is resurrected on a strange primeval island which is full of prehistoric creatures. It's up to her to figure out how to survive, find new allies through time, and learn more about her new world.

That sounds broadly similar to the game it's based on, which drops players on maps featuring dinosaurs, monsters, and other dangerous creatures, and tasks them with surviving.

Michelle Yeoh, Gerard Butler, Russell Crowe, David Tennant, Jefrey Wright, Vin Diesel, Elliot Page, Karl Urban, Monica Bellucci, and Alan Tudyk are among the cast.

The series was first announced way back in 2020, but it had no streaming home at the time – luckily, Paramount Plus has picked it up.

This isn't the streamer's first video game adaptation, of course, with Halo season 2 recently wrapping up on the platform. Halo season 3 hasn't been confirmed just yet, though there's plenty of places the story can go, as you can read about in our Halo season 2 ending explained.

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